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by Karl Bode 07:50PM Friday Feb 27 2015
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by Karl Bode 04:47PM Friday Feb 27 2015
Sonic CEO Dane Jasper is one of a growing number of ISP executives who've pointed out that the FCC's new net neutrality rules -- despite a lot of hand wringing from partisans and the mega-ISPs -- are really not a big deal. In fact, Jasper has stated, the only people they really impact are ISP executives interested in anti-competitive behavior.
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by Karl Bode 02:39PM Friday Feb 27 2015
Qualcomm today unveiled a new wireless standard they claim can utilize unlicensed Wi-Fi spectrum alongside traditional LTE wireless technology. According to the Qualcomm press release, the company's new FSM 99xx chipset for small cells (in addition to new transceivers) will use Licensed Assisted Access -- or LTE-Unlicensed -- to take advantage of unlicensed bands.
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by Karl Bode 12:40PM Friday Feb 27 2015
A few weeks back Sprint engaged in a clever marketing move by throwing their wholesale support behind Title II net neutrality rules. Sprint doesn't lose all that much if they back away from the rules moving forward (the CTIA is already against the rules, after all), but the announcement put a bright spotlight on the fact that T-Mobile has so far refused to support tougher neutrality rules, despite benefiting hugely from a reputation as a fierce consumer advocate.
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by Karl Bode 10:26AM Friday Feb 27 2015
Last week we examined how Lenovo was under fire for including "Superfish" malware in the company's consumer-grade laptops. The malware in question encrypted Web sessions and -- because the private encryption key accompanying the Superfish-signed Transport Layer Security certificate appears is the same for every Lenovo machine -- made Lenovo users vulnerable to HTTPS man-in-the-middle attacks that should be relatively easy for attackers to carry out.
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by Karl Bode 09:03AM Friday Feb 27 2015
While some ISPs have spent months complaining that Title II net neutrality rules would harm them in numerous and immeasurable ways, they've simultaneously been busy telling investors the rules aren't that big of a deal. Of course there's a number of ISPs, including Sonic, Sprint, Frontier and Cablevision, that have also publicly stated repeatedly they don't think the new rules change all that much.
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by Karl Bode 08:22AM Friday Feb 27 2015
Months after Aereo's ambitions fell apart due to the Supreme Court ruling, TiVo appears to have acquired the remnants of Aereo's operations, including the brand name. Jeff John Roberts at GigaOM notes that TiVo and other bidders were able to pick up these assets for a mere $2 million at auction, a significant distance from the $90 to $100 million invested in the company. It's not a particularly flattering end note for a company that at one point has revolutionary ambitions. "We are very disappointed with the results of the auction. This has been a very difficult sales process and the results reflect that," an Aereo attorney said in a prepared statement.


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by Karl Bode 08:15AM Friday Feb 27 2015
Sprint continues to lag when it comes to LTE speeds and network coverage, but indications are the company's on the cusp of another major network expansion push. According to a Sprint 4G Rollout Update blog, the company's on the cusp of a 9,000 LTE cell site expansion, with a source stating 5,000 of those sites will be dedicated to faster Sprint "Spark" upgrades. The project aims to re-open 1,100 of the older Nextel sites the company decommissioned as part of its completed "Network Vision" project. According to Sprint their LTE network now reaches 270 million potential customers, and their tri-band Spark offering (with theoretical top speeds of 50-60Mbps) reaches 125 million potential customers.

Update: It looks like Sprint's cell site expansion plans may be significantly larger than this report claims.


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by Revcb 07:03AM Friday Feb 27 2015

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by Karl Bode 05:11PM Thursday Feb 26 2015
The mega-ISPs have shared their thoughts on today's FCC net neutrality ruling, and you'll be shocked and surprised to learn that they don't much like it. AT&T, for example, insisted in a blog post that the FCC's since-overturned 2010 net neutrality rules (which did little and didn't cover wireless) were good enough, and that the unprecedented public-supported effort to pass tougher rules was a horrible example of "rigidity" and a failure on the part of new FCC boss Tom Wheeler:
Every chairman in my memory, including the current one, has faced political stampedes of one sort or another.
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by Karl Bode 02:22PM Thursday Feb 26 2015
Surprising nobody, the FCC today voted 3-2 along party lines to impose Title II-based net neutrality rules. The decision comes after 4 million public comments, millions of dollars spent on ISP lobbying to derail the effort, and an unprecedented wave of consumer-advocate activism.
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by Karl Bode 12:06PM Thursday Feb 26 2015
For about as long this site has existed, we've documented the efforts of local towns and cities to build their own broadband networks -- efforts usually only undertaken because these towns and cities lack access to meaningful broadband competition. Unfortunately, for just as long we've discussed the dirty tricks incumbent ISP lobbyists have used to derail these efforts, and the more than 20 state laws passed (usually based on ISP/ALEC draft legislation) to eliminate the local communities' right to make these decisions for themselves.
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by Karl Bode 10:15AM Thursday Feb 26 2015
Regardless of which side of the conversation you're on, today may just be the biggest day we've ever seen in the history of the FCC. The agency is of course set to approve not only on historic Title-II based rules governing net neutrality, but will also be taking the very first steps toward dismantling ISP-crafted protectionist state laws hindering towns and cities from making their own broadband decisions. The FCC open meeting begins at 10:30 this morning (Eastern time), and those eager to experience the hyperbole in real time can watch the meeting here at the FCC website or over at CSPAN.


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by Karl Bode 09:06AM Thursday Feb 26 2015
Outside of the company's pCell trials and experiments with fixed LTE, it remains unclear whether or not Dish truly intends to jump into the wireless industry with both feet, or if it's simply acquiring valuable spectrum to warehouse for a very profitable sale down the line. Some of Dish's spectrum holdings do have build out requirements, though they don't appear to be causing much worry for the company.
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by Karl Bode 08:09AM Thursday Feb 26 2015
Complaints have increased of late about GoGo's in-flight broadband service, which mysteriously seems to be getting more expensive in ratio to increasingly poor performance. To that end, GoGo says it's deploying faster 2ku satellite-based broadband service to Delta's fleet starting sometime next year. According to the announcement, these upgrades should help provide peak speeds of 70 Mbps downstream per plane (and ultimately 100 Mbps per plane). Delta says the company is also busy upgrading the technology that powers its current air to ground (ATG) service.


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by Revcb 06:53AM Thursday Feb 26 2015


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by Karl Bode 05:43PM Wednesday Feb 25 2015
"If you make it easy, we will come. If you make it hard, enjoy your Time Warner Cable,” Google Fiber's Milo Medin told attendees of a Comptel Competition and Innovation Summit this week.
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by Karl Bode 04:21PM Wednesday Feb 25 2015
NBC is the latest broadcaster to begin offering customers access to online live streaming of the company's broadcasts -- but only if you have a traditional cable connection. NBC has begun offering the streams via new iOS and Android apps, though much of the content is restricted unless you currently subscribe to cable TV service from an approved list of partners. There's another caveat: you can only watch live NBC streams if your local NBC affiliate is owned by NBC itself. So, despite the "TV Everywhere" name, NBC's still struggling with the whole "everywhere" part of the equation.


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by Karl Bode 02:30PM Wednesday Feb 25 2015
Cablevision has joined Frontier, Sprint and Sonic.net in publicly stating they don't believe that new Title-II based net neutrality rules will impact their business one way or the other. Speaking to analysts regarding last quarter's earnings report, Cablevision boss James Dolan stated that "the idea of more regulation is never great for us, but to be honest, we don't see at least what the Chairman has been discussing as having any real effect on our business."

The comments come after Sprint executives stated the ISP lobbyist meme that Title II neutrality rules would kill network investment simply isn't true. Sonic.net CEO Dane Jasper has similarly argued that the only ISPs that would be impacted by Title II are those planning to engage in anti-competitive behavior.


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by Karl Bode 12:52PM Wednesday Feb 25 2015
Since last October, Viacom and Suddenlink have been engaged in one of many retransmission fee disputes, resulting in not only Suddenlink TV customers losing Viacom channels -- but Suddenlink broadband customers being blocked from watching any online Viacom content whatsoever. Usually after a lot of very public whining the two sides reach a confidential number they can agree on, but in this case it appears that Suddenlink customers may never see this content return.
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