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See: reviews and info for Time Warner Cable
Ordered by descending tested download speed
Note: no more than the three best results from the same IP, or user, are included
ISP & Speed
Company &
215.2m/21m   aquilant See Profile @ Tustin, CA, usAmazon cloud19th 07:30 PMRoadrunner
Comment:Should be nearer to 300
100m/5.5m   BillyPa See Profile @ Richardson, TX, usAmazon cloud18th 01:00 PMRoadrunner
82.9m/2m   anon @ Austin, TX, us(flash speedtest)12th 01:36 PMRoadrunner
56.5m/5.5mTime Warner Cable  50m/5m aguypd See Profile @ Silver Springs, NY, usMichigan, USA27th 06:19 AMRoadrunner
56.5m/5.5mTime Warner Cable  50m/5m aguypd See Profile @ Silver Springs, NY, usMichigan, USA20th 06:09 AMRoadrunner
56.5m/5.5mTime Warner Cable  50m/5m aguypd See Profile @ Silver Springs, NY, usMichigan, USA21st 08:50 AMRoadrunner
56.4m/4.6m   rgs71234 See Profile @ Brockport, NY, usMichigan, USA19th 07:47 PMRoadrunner
54.6m/5.6m   zappa_x See Profile @ Jeffersonville, IN, usAmazon cloud3rd 04:03 PMRoadrunner
54.3m/5.1m   Mr_Busy See Profile @ Rockport, IN, usMichigan, USA7th 08:08 AMRoadrunner
42.4m/6.6m   anon @ Los Angeles, CA, usAmazon cloud21st 07:45 PMRoadrunner
22.6m/2.2mTime Warner20/2  20/2 TDOG See Profile @ Louisville, KY, usMichigan, USA11th 10:09 AMRoadrunner
22.6m/5.1m  50/5 anon @ 42101-9699Amazon cloud27th 11:07 PMRoadrunner
22.5m/2.2m  20/2 anon @ Louisville, KY, usMichigan, USA11th 11:53 AMRoadrunner
21.5m/2.1m   meowey1955 See Profile @ Saranac Lake, NY, usMichigan, USA2nd 01:00 PMRoadrunner
16.8m/13.1m   anon @ Rego Park, NY, usAmazon cloud20th 04:37 PMRoadrunner
16.2m/1m   anonMichigan, USA7th 01:45 PMRoadrunner
16.1m/2.1m   meowey1955 See Profile @ Saranac Lake, NY, usMichigan, USA30th 10:43 AMRoadrunner
16m/1m  15/1 TDOG See Profile @ Louisville, KY, usAmazon cloud3rd 01:17 AMRoadrunner
16m/2.1m   meowey1955 See Profile @ Saranac Lake, NY, usMichigan, USA28th 11:36 AMRoadrunner
15.8m/1m   wlink See Profile @ Wilmington, NC, usMichigan, USA6th 08:33 AMRoadrunner
15.5m/1m   anon @ Mount Olive, NC, usMichigan, USA3rd 09:19 AMRoadrunner
15.4m/1m   anonMichigan, USA21st 01:25 PMRoadrunner
14.8m/1m   wlink See Profile @ Wilmington, NC, usMichigan, USA2nd 08:46 PMRoadrunner
8m/1m   anon @ Rumford, ME, us(flash speedtest)10th 06:17 PMRoadrunner
7.9m/863  844/904 pmilligan See Profile @ Indianapolis, IN, usMichigan, USA4th 01:14 PMRoadrunner
5.4m/825   anon(flash speedtest)21st 12:00 AMRoadrunner
4.9m/1m   anon @ Wakeman, OH, us(flash speedtest)24th 11:42 AMRoadrunner
3.8m/1.3m   s10bk See Profile @ Lancaster, CA, us(flash speedtest)15th 07:46 PMRoadrunner
3.1m/1m   anonAmazon cloud9th 04:59 PMRoadrunner
3.1m/14.6m   anon @ Orange, CA, us(flash speedtest)7th 02:53 PMRoadrunner
2.9m/5.5m   anon @ Alice, TX, usAmazon cloud7th 02:19 AMRoadrunner
2.1m/434   anon @ Plano, TX, usAmazon cloud10th 05:31 PMRoadrunner
2.1m/434   anon @ Plano, TX, usAmazon cloud10th 05:33 PMRoadrunner
1.9m/1m   anon @ Niagara Falls, NY, us(flash speedtest)10th 01:41 PMRoadrunner
1m/28   anon @ Pflugerville, TX, usAmazon cloud10th 01:59 PMRoadrunner
752/691   anon @ Durham, NC, us(flash speedtest)30th 09:40 PMRoadrunner
disclaimer: the data recorded in this table represents speeds recorded by users to test servers located around the USA, at the time the test done. The speeds displayed here are for informational value only: the data is open to interpretation and for a variety of reasons should not be considered an absolute ranking of ISPs. Because most of the speed test servers are based in the USA, there is a speed bias in favor of US domains, which are closer to the servers. Even within the USA, ISPs who are nearer the North-East or the West coast may on average record higher user speeds than elsewhere, as the Internet tends to be faster and have more inter-connections in those areas so latency is lower.