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by Cudni 05:40AM Friday Jun 09 2006
By Juan Carlos Perez

Throngs of users threaten to say goodbye forever to AOL because of its decision to display ads with e-mail messages sent to paid subscribers

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by drake 05:07PM Thursday Jun 02 2005
By Marguerite Reardon

America Online has revived its strategy of bundling high-speed access with its service to help curb the decline in its subscriber base.

AOL on Wednesday began offering its Internet service, which includes AOL e-mail and content, to customers in the Washington, D.C., area and Chicago over DSL lines from Covad Communications.
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by drake 05:39AM Sunday May 22 2005
America Online will begin offering a free e-mail service on Wednesday tied to its popular instant messaging service, ahead of a big relaunch of its free AOL.com Web site later this year.

AOL's free Web-based e-mail service is nearly a decade behind Microsoft's Hotmail service and several years behind a Yahoo e-mail offering.

But the online division of Time Warner is betting that the combination of e-mail with its ubiquitous instant messaging software (AIM) will create a more powerful service combining all electronic and phone messages. Story Continues


by Rob A 07:15PM Saturday May 21 2005
AOL has changed the 9.95/month to 14.95/month for AOL over Broadband. The company did this only a month after lowering it.

View the front page artice here at BBR


by drake 01:04AM Saturday Apr 16 2005
by Brian Osborne

``America Online and XM Satellite Radio announced on Monday that they will team up to create a new online radio service. The service will be co-branded by both companies and will offer both a free version and a premier version. Current AOL subscribers will receive the premium version of the radio service for free, while non-subscribers will have access for a monthly fee." Story Continues @ geek.com


by drake 11:32PM Wednesday Mar 02 2005
By Finfacts Team

US Internet service provider America Online announced today that the company plans to update its instant messaging service so that users will be able to see when friends and business associates are online, even if they're not on the contact list.

The company plans to let users connect to its AOL Instant Messenger software (AIM) with the address book of their Microsoft Outlook program in a deal with a third-party company, Intellisync. Story Continues @ finfacts.com


by drake 07:00PM Sunday Jan 02 2005
On the 'outs' are old spam terms such as "Oprah", "Teens", and "Viagra". The new 'in' spam terms for 2004 relate to 'phishing' scams, dubious mortgage deals, online pharmacy items such as Vioxx, and stock offers.
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by drake 02:04AM Saturday Dec 04 2004
DULLES, Va. --(Business Wire)-- Nov.
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by drake 09:43PM Saturday Nov 20 2004
America Online has updated its Web browser to help it better tackle the growing number of online threats. AOL 9.0 Security Edition promises to bring you enhanced spam control, instant spyware identification, and even a keychain than locks your AOL account. The software targets seven aspects critical to consumer security: firewalls, viruses, spyware, parental control, pop-up ads, spam, and spim (instant messaging spam). In particular, SpyZapper is a spyware utility that monitors your computer's memory and lets you know when a spyware program starts up so you can delete it ....

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»www.biosmagazine.co.uk/article.p ··· ?id=1303


by drake 12:50AM Saturday Oct 23 2004
America Online and Movielink Extend Partnership to Offer Complimentary and Discounted Movie Downloads to AOL for Broadband Members

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 21, 2004--
Alliance Offers Free Downloadable Titles and Discounted Recent Releases Including 13 Going on 30, Hellboy and the Prince and Me

America Online, the world's leading interactive services company, announced today that it has extended its existing alliance with Movielink, the leading VOD movie download service, to offer AOL for Broadband members free downloads of classic titles and exclusive discounts on recent releases.
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by drake 11:45AM Sunday Sep 26 2004
Passwords alone won't be enough to get onto America Online under a new, optional log-on service that makes AOL the first major US online business to offer customers a second layer of security. The so-called two-factor authentication scheme, being unveiled on Tuesday, will cost $1.95 a month in addition to a one-time $9.95 fee. It is initially targeted at small businesses, victims of identity theft and individuals who pay a lot of bills and conduct other financial transactions through their AOL accounts.

Continued here: »www.hindustantimes.com/news/181_ ··· 0010.htm


by drake 06:52PM Friday Sep 17 2004
DULLES, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 16, 2004--America Online, Inc.

-- AOL(R) Sports' Marquee GameBreakers(TM) Initiative Feature Gives Football Fans Access to The Top Plays of the Week and Asks Fans to Vote For the Best

-- NFL on AOL Offers One-Stop Shop for Fans and Lets Their Voice Be Heard Through Blogs, Message Boards and Other Interactive Features

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by Metal Head 03:45PM Friday Sep 17 2004
By Andy Sullivan

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - America Online Inc. on Thursday shunned a Microsoft Corp.
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by drake 05:30AM Friday Sep 17 2004
America Online is beta-testing a nationwide VOIP service, due to debut in 2005, according to user posts on Broadband Reports and other message boards. The service is "powered by" Level 3 Communications Inc.
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by drake 02:11AM Saturday Sep 11 2004
AUBURN HILLS, Mich., Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Instant messaging-based games are becoming more safety-conscious this week.
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by drake 08:10PM Saturday Aug 28 2004
AOL for Broadband announced today that it is launching a week-long series of activities in Seattle that will bring residents of the city and surrounding communities a firsthand look at how AOL for Broadband offers a more complete high-speed Internet experience to its members.
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by lilhurricane 11:59AM Wednesday Aug 04 2004
By Pamela Parker | August 4, 2004

America Online has acquired anti-spam Web-based e-mail company Mailblocks, in a deal that will bring challenge/response technology to the giant ISP. Financial terms of the acquisition weren't disclosed.

Mailblocks was founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Phil Goldman, who died suddenly on Christmas day of last year at the age of 39. Goldman had also founded WebTV, which was later sold to Microsoft. The company never found a permanent CEO after Goldman's death.



by Spanky 06:19PM Thursday Jul 08 2004

CNET News.com
July 8, 2004, 12:10 PM PT

America Online on Thursday announced an instant messenger relay service for users who are hard of hearing or speech disabled.



by drake 04:19PM Friday Jun 25 2004
``America Online moved aggressively Thursday to improve its ad prospects, announcing it will acquire interactive-marketing specialist Advertising.com for $435 million. The Internet service provider said the all-cash deal will significantly boost its advertising network."

Continued at news.com


by acehyde 10:59AM Thursday Jun 24 2004
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``WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. investigators said on Wednesday they had arrested an America Online employee and a Las Vegas marketer for stealing the Internet provider's customer list and selling it to a purveyor of "spam" e-mail.

AOL members were flooded with millions of unwanted messages because of the scheme, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. district court in New York.

Jason Smathers of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, was charged with stealing a list of 92 million AOL customer screen names and selling them to Internet marketer Sean Dunaway of Las Vegas."


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