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by TimCo 11:53AM Thursday Mar 14 2013


Dear Subscriber,

The New York State legislature is considering a NEW tax that will force you to pay 5% more EVERY month for the DISH service you love.

In this economy, many New York families have cut back on eating out, going to the movies, and attending sporting events, but they can still go home and rely on their favorite television programming for affordable entertainment. Why do your legislators want to tax the one affordable thing they have left?

And for those families who rely on DISH for foreign language programming, this tax punishes them simply for enjoying TV in their own language!

If you don't think it is fair to burden New York families with higher taxes just for watching satellite TV, contact your legislators and tell them: NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO TAX YOUR TV!

Click HERE to use our simple e-mail tool to tell your legislators to balance their budget without busting yours!


If the link does not direct you to the correct page, please copy and paste the link below into your browser:
»www.capwiz.com/stopsatellitetax/ ··· type=ML

For more information visit www.stopthetvtax.com


by lilhurricane 09:58PM Saturday Jan 01 2011
NEW YORK – DirecTV satellite subscribers around the country will continue to receive network TV stations owned by Hearst Corp. after the two companies reached a new deal over the fees that DirecTV pays the broadcasting company to carry stations on its lineup.
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by utsports 05:14AM Monday Dec 27 2010
Official statement from DIRECTV - »www.directv.com/pricechange/2011 ··· ase.pdf

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by Mad Mac 01:53PM Monday Sep 28 2009
By Todd Spangler -- Multichannel News, 9/24/2009 6:07:38 PM EDT
Cablevision Systems has filed a request with the Federal Communications Commission seeking an exemption to the agency's rules prohibiting the encryption of basic broadcast channels, arguing that scrambling the full digital TV lineup would cut costs and deter signal theft.

According to the operator's filing, last year it performed more than 1 million truck rolls associated with physically activating or deactivating service using drops, steps it must take to prevent against unauthorized distribution because the programming is available "in the clear."

"Encryption of broadcast basic would allow Cablevision to keep its plant ‘hot,' to perform connections and disconnections remotely, and thereby eliminate many truck rolls and service appointments for new and discontinuing customers," Cablevision said.

Cablevision asked for a waiver covering its New York City franchise areas.

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by dbmaven 12:18AM Tuesday Mar 24 2009
Mike Reynolds -- Multichannel News, 3/23/2009 5:08:52 PM MT

The National Football League has reached a four-year contract extension with DirecTV to remain the TV home of the Sunday Ticket package through 2014.
Announced Monday during the NFL owners meeting in Dana Point, Calif., the pay-per-view pact, according to sources familiar with the negotiations, is valued at about $1 billion annually from 2011-2014.
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by lilhurricane 09:06AM Friday Feb 27 2009
WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- A decades-old complex network of cable and satellite copyright licenses for paid TV will get a second look in Congress this year, causing lobby shops throughout the industry to gear up their war rooms.

A small portion of the license regime, governing distant channels offered by satellite TV, expires in December.
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by lilhurricane 10:33AM Wednesday Jul 30 2008
By R. Thomas Umstead -- Multichannel News, 7/29/2008 5:00:00 PM
DirecTV this Friday will launch foreign-film on demand network Eurocinema as part of its DirecTV-on-demand platform.
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by Splitpair 06:46AM Tuesday Jul 22 2008
Satellite Today 07-21-08 DirecTV taken on-orbit delivery of the DirecTV 11 satellite, spacecraft manufacturer Boeing Co. announced July 21.
DirecTV plans to use the satellite, placed in orbit in March by Sea Launch, to expand its line-up of high-definition services up to 150 national and local channels in at least 100 markets by this fall.

»www.satellitetoday.com/st/headli ··· 09.html

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by Splitpair 07:17AM Friday Jul 18 2008
[Satellite Today 07-16-08] Sea Launch launched the EchoStar 11 broadcast satellite, the company’s fourth mission of the year, Sea Launch announced July 16.

Space Systems/Loral (SS/L) manufactured the satellite, which will be placed at 110° West to support the expansion of Dish Network’s capacity throughout the United States.

The satellite deployed its solar arrays and is performing post-launch maneuvers on schedule, SS/L announced.

»www.satellitetoday.com/commercia ··· 682.html


by Splitpair 06:12AM Friday Jul 18 2008
[Satellite Today 07-17-08] Dish Network’s EchoStar 2 satellite “experienced a substantial failure that appears to have rendered the satellite a total loss,” Dish said in a July 14 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
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by lilhurricane 12:25PM Saturday Jul 05 2008
Last Update: 7/04 7:53 pm

A Colerain Township lawmaker has proposed legislation to end a sales tax that satellite TV customers pay in Ohio.

Republican Louis Blessing introduced the bill in the Ohio house this week.

House Bill 599 would eliminate the sales tax that satellite TV customers have been paying since 2003.

If it's approved, the move would save the average customer an estimated $43 per year.

»www.wcpo.com/news/local/story.as ··· 9ea0730


by lilhurricane 10:18AM Sunday Mar 30 2008
Broadcasting & Cable

Satellite companies gained a victory Thursday when the Federal Communications Commission voted to allow them to phase in a requirement that they carry all HD signals in any market where they carry any after the Feb. 17, 2009

»www.broadcastingcable.com/Commun ··· 696.html, switch to digital TV by all full-power TV stations.
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by dbmaven 10:53AM Sunday Feb 17 2008
By Sarah Rabil

Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) -- DirecTV Group Inc., the largest U.S.
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by dbmaven 09:04AM Thursday Jan 10 2008
DirecTV will be publicly launching the ability to remotely schedule DVR Recordings on or about January 17th. This is a 'soft launch' - meaning that you will have the capability to do this when it becomes available.
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by seagreen 10:18PM Tuesday Jan 08 2008
Best Buy Inc.'s chief executive said Tuesday that he is "very nervous" about being able to supply customers with the millions of digital TV converter boxes needed ahead of the shutdown of most analog TV transmissions in 13 months.

"I think it's one of the biggest risks our industry has," vice chairman and CEO Brad Anderson told an industry audience at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

More here: »apnews.myway.com//article/200801 ··· 8G0.html


by lilhurricane 04:45PM Sunday Oct 21 2007
Cable rapped for falling behind in HD arms race as In Demand steps up and DirecTV charges more for HD channels.

By Shirley Brady

The race betweeen cable and satellite TV operators to roll out high-definition channels is heating up, and focusing, on sports networks.

Case in point: DirecTV is offering hockey games in HD to its NHL Center Ice subscribers this season and is slated to launch the NHL Network this month, while (as of yesterday) Dish Network said it will launch NHL Network HD, which lets hockey fans follow the action (not to mention the puck) in all its high-def glory.

Cable operators, meanwhile, are also promising to offer the NHL Network in HD this hockey season, but so far it's the league's standard def channel this is slated to start rolling out this month on systems operated by Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications and Cablevision.

Original article here


by lilhurricane 04:44PM Sunday Oct 21 2007
GRANT ROBERTSON | October 20, 2007

Cable and satellite carriers are mounting a push to import foreign channels such as the USA Network, which are now blocked from coming into Canada because they would compete too closely with domestic broadcasters.

In a submission to federal broadcast regulators yesterday, Rogers Communications Inc.
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by lilhurricane 09:57AM Saturday Sep 22 2007
Friday, 21 September 2007

While some people continue to watch only broadcast television, the majority of Americans have cable TV or satellite TV at their houses.
Why the need for cable or satellite?

Find out here


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by dbmaven 12:41PM Friday Aug 17 2007
Found in the massive D10 thread on DBSTALK.COM, DirecTV yesterday filed for a temporary 60-day license to operate DirecTV10 at the 102.775 WL location.

According to the filing/request, they are ahead of schedule and want to "light her up" sooner than proposed in their earlier filings.

Full text of the request at:
FCC Documents

DirecTV10 Thread at DBSTALK


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by seagreen 04:24PM Thursday May 24 2007
Dan Tynan, PC World
Wednesday, May 23, 2007 12:00 PM PDT

For years you've probably paid about $6 per month to your cable company for a set-top box that lets you surf between Cops on Fox and Weeds on Showtime. You may hate the remote and the interactive program guide, but to get the shows you've had to take whatever box the cable company has given you. Thanks to a Federal Communications Commission order, that may soon change.

More here: »www.pcworld.com/article/132158-1 ··· l_dnxnws

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