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by Spanky 10:33AM Thursday Aug 10 2006
TULSA (AP) — Oklahoma's fatal heat wave added to its toll Wednesday as people across the state looked for ways to cope during another day of triple-digit heat.

Benjamin Conaway, 32, of Oklahoma City, became the latest victim of heat stroke, succumbing Tuesday night at an Oklahoma City hospital, said Kevin Rowland, chief investigator for the state Medical Examiner's Office. Conaway was walking in Ardmore Monday when he fell ill.

"He had a pre-existing health condition and was taking medication that made him susceptible to the heat," Rowland said.

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by dandelion 04:14PM Thursday Jul 20 2006
Memorial Medical Center had been cut off by flooding after the Aug. 29 hurricane swamped New Orleans.
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by Spanky 01:29PM Tuesday May 23 2006
Drill in Louisiana to test emergency systems ahead of storm season.

NEW ORLEANS - Freddie Taylor has stared down countless hurricanes in the last 50 years, leaving for some, riding out others.
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by dandelion 08:04PM Saturday Oct 15 2005
»www.cnn.com/2005/US/10/12/katrin ··· ex.html

"The Louisiana attorney general's office is investigating allegations that mercy killings occurred and has requested that autopsies be performed on all 45 bodies taken from the hospital after the storm.

Orleans Parish coroner Frank Minyard said investigators have told him they think euthanasia may have been committed."

This information was also discussed in a magazine a couple of weeks ago, but the magazine was unreliable, considered a tabloid. Looks like there is more to it then just a rumor now! It will be interesting to follow the investigation on this allegation.


by dandelion 03:05AM Friday Oct 14 2005
The baby's father, Jim Bob Duggar, a former state representative, said Wednesday that mother and child were doing well.... The Learning Channel is doing another show about the family's construction project, a 7,000-square foot house that should be finished before Christmas. The home, which the family has been building for two years, will have nine bathrooms, dormitory-style bedrooms for the girls and boys, a commercial kitchen, four washing machines and four dryers.

»www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/10/ ··· p=EM8706


by lilhurricane 05:40PM Saturday Sep 24 2005
By Brian Krebs - Special to The Washington Post - Saturday, September 24, 2005

In a spree mirroring the online gold rush that accompanied Hurricane Katrina, online speculators are scooping up hundreds of Hurricane Rita-related Web domain names, and Rita-themed Internet auctions have begun.

Scammers often use such Web sites to trick people into making donations, authorities said. The quick proliferation of questionable activities spurred the federal government to work with Internet service providers, computer security companies and anti-spam groups to shut down and prosecute owners of fraudulent sites, according to several participants in the ad hoc task force

The Washington Post


by dandelion 05:29PM Saturday Sep 24 2005
»www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/09/ ··· 2.shtml

"About 150 heavily armed Blackwater troops dressed in full battle gear spread out into the chaos of New Orleans. Officially, the company boasted of its forces "join[ing] the hurricane relief effort." But its men on the ground told a different story."

"......Montgomery says he and his men were armed with AR-15s and Glocks and that they unleashed a barrage of bullets in the general direction of the alleged shooters on the overpass. "After that, all I heard was moaning and screaming, and the shooting stopped. That was it. Enough said."


by ghostpainter 06:55PM Friday Sep 02 2005
BREAKING NEWS: One man is dead after a bus carrying evacuees overturns north of
Lafayette, La.
MORE DETAILS: »treets.nbc4.tv/svc/lnk.cfm?l=592 ··· 2448&t=1


by 2kmaro 07:04PM Thursday Aug 11 2005
..or less? Seems the Texas Longhorns want to hold the differeces to 13 points or less ... Find out why here: »www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mp ··· /3305696


by dandelion 11:43AM Thursday Aug 11 2005
"It was just seven years ago, when Johnson, then 13, and his companion, 11-year-old Andrew Golden, stole an arsenal of weapons and then opened fire on a courtyard full of students and teachers at an Arkansas middle school.....Under a now-changed Arkansas law, the boys were charged as delinquents, which meant they could only be held until they were 18. Federal prosecutors then stepped in with firearms violations which kept them in prison for three more years. But Johnson turns 21 on Thursday and cannot legally be held any longer."

»www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/08/ ··· =EM8706

What's your opinion?


by dandelion 03:14AM Saturday Jul 30 2005
ARKADELPHIA, Ark. About 30 children were left without their parents after immigration agents raided am Arkansas poultry plant and took the parents away to face possible deportation.

»www.wreg.com/Global/story.asp?S= ··· 3660154


by dandelion 03:33AM Thursday Jul 21 2005
Just a FYI about the risks of a mosquito bite:

»www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/07/ ··· 87.shtml


by dandelion 12:22PM Monday Jun 20 2005
PINE BLUFF, Ark., June 20, 2005

A man awoke to more than a clatter Sunday morning: a wayward car flying into his bedroom and crushing him in his own bed.
»www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/06/ ··· p=EM8706


by dandelion 02:20PM Thursday Apr 21 2005
»www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/04/ ··· =EM8706

(CBS/AP) Flames roared through a mobile home, killing five young boys and the mother of two of the youngsters, authorities said. No one escaped.


by dandelion 11:19PM Thursday Feb 10 2005
»www.upn30memphis.com/news/local/ ··· D8E6047

Had some dishes rattled in Tennessee-anybody else feel it?


by Bill 10:26PM Wednesday Dec 01 2004
U. of Okla.
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by dandelion 07:33PM Monday Nov 08 2004
News about Arkansas:
Sounds like these bans are becoming more prevalent. I believe there's a couple of court cases up on the constitutionality of these in California, but I lost that link.

»www.akc.org/enewsletter/taking_c ··· tion.cfm


by dandelion 06:54PM Tuesday Oct 19 2004
»www.wreg.com/Global/story.asp?S= ··· 2449384

Thought the folks near Cabot might be interested in this article.


by Spanky 05:24PM Friday Jul 30 2004
Posted 7/30/2004 2:43 AM
Source USA Today

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Guess we won't be calling David Filo the "Cheap Yahoo" anymore.
Tulane University has landed a pair of $30 million cash donations from two Internet pioneers.

The joint $60 million gift from Yahoo co-founder David Filo (whose business card has indeed sported the "Cheap Yahoo" designation) and Netscape co-founder Jim Clark is the largest donation in the university's history. University officials said the money will sustain as many as 100 scholarships for top-performing students.

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by Spanky 07:22AM Tuesday Jul 27 2004
ACLU Says Cameras Are Part Of 'Spy Network'

NEW ORLEANS -- St. Bernard Parish sheriff's deputies are keeping a close watch on residents with newly installed cameras at the parish line, but the American Civil Liberties Union is against the idea.

On its Web site, the ACLU calls the surveillance plan a "spy network without any public debate or input," a statement with which resident Dominic Tauzier disagrees.

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