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by lilhurricane 11:58AM Monday Oct 15 2012
By Jane Wakefield

It is only natural that someone with a cancer diagnosis would turn to the web for help, even though the results are likely to terrify and reassure in equal measure.

But on getting his diagnosis, Italian robotic engineer and open-source artist Salvatore Iaconesi took things one step further.

"I did what I know best and asked for my medical records so that I could share them with as many people as possible and get as many opinions as I can," he said.

It was a brave decision and one that has touched a nerve. The site he set up - Open Source Cure - has attracted 200,000 responses since it was launched a month ago.

On the website, he invites people to help him find a cure, and he is not just talking about a medical one.



by lilhurricane 11:57AM Monday Oct 15 2012
NEW YORK (AP) — Delcath Systems Inc. says its potential treatment for a form of liver cancer has been accepted by the Food and Drug Administration for a standard review.
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by lilhurricane 11:56AM Monday Oct 15 2012
By Shannon Pettypiece on October 15, 2012

Eli Lilly & Co. (LLY)'s experimental stomach cancer drug helped patients with advanced disease live longer, a study found.
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by lilhurricane 10:25PM Thursday Oct 11 2012
Category: Help Conquer Cancer
Tags: Events & Milestones , Project Update

We are excited to announce the release of GPU processing capability for the Help Conquer Cancer project!

This capability allows our members to contribute using their machines' graphics cards, thus giving our community of volunteers another avenue to advance the Help Conquer Cancer research project.

Earlier this year, the Help Conquer Cancer researchers published a paper explaining the reimplementation of their algorithms to take advantage of high-performing GPU hardware. You may review an abstract of the paper and access it here

In addition, you may learn more about GPU processing by reviewing WCG FAQ's FAQs and by visiting our GPU Forum.

More Here

We sincerely thank all of our members for the computing power that they donate to advance the Help Conquer Cancer research project.


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