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by mromero 02:28AM Tuesday Nov 30 2010
While the CompactFlash Association scoots along at a maximum transfer rate of 167MB per second under its just released CF6.0 specification, Sandisk, Sony, and Nikon are already looking to the future.



by mromero 02:30AM Monday Jul 06 2009
"What a difference six months makes. Back in January, we wrote about the suitability of the screens in several notebooks for editing photos in the field. At that time, Apple's MacBook Pro 15 inch was pegged as being acceptable ....."



by mromero 06:37PM Wednesday Feb 11 2009
"Canon's Live View implementation may not be a deal-breaker for most DSLR users, but there's certainly plenty of room for improvement, and a recent Canon patent application suggests that the company could possibly be aiming to do just that."



by FFH5 07:15AM Friday Feb 22 2008

The good news is that there's some competition again for software to edit and catalog raw images, the detailed and flexible file formats from higher-end cameras. The bad news is that anybody buying the software has a harder choice to make.

Please vote in the poll here, and share your reasoning in the Talkback section below to enlighten others.


by mromero 12:24AM Tuesday Feb 19 2008
"CUPERTINO, Calif.--Apple, why hast thou forsaken me?

That, loosely paraphrased, is what some Aperture customers had been asking after Apple went too long without updating its higher-end photo editing and cataloging software."



by tmpchaos 01:04PM Sunday Feb 17 2008
Engadget reports that the virus is much worse than originally thought:
According to an analyst form Computer Associates, the trojan, called Mocmex, is able to block more than 100 types of security and anti-virus software from killing it, and bypasses the Windows firewall to download files from remote locations, spreading them randomly over your hard drive and any portable storage device you plug into your PC -- like, for example, a digital photo frame.

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by SandShark 09:07AM Monday Dec 17 2007
...Without Lifting A Finger!

That's what Photobot claims to do. Available for Windows Vista only, Photobot runs in the background on startup and continually searches for images on your hard drives. When it finds the images, Photobot brightens dark images, corrects red-eye, and gives every image vibrant, life-like color. If that's not enough, if you sign up for a free trial account at Swiss Picture Bank, Photobot will secure your images by backing them up to secure data centers in Switzerland!

Learn more here - »www.photobot.com/


by tmpchaos 08:17PM Sunday Jul 15 2007
"TOKYO (Reuters) - Canon Inc. (7751.T: Quote, Profile, Research) will invest about 55 billion yen ($451 million) to build a new factory in Japan to double its production capacity of image sensors used in digital cameras."

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by tmpchaos 06:15PM Thursday Jun 14 2007
Spotted by seagreen See Profile

Filter Pledges Crisp Photos in Low Light

A year from now, capturing a crisp, clear image of a candlelit birthday party could be a piece of cake - even with a camera phone. Eastman Kodak Co. said Thursday it has developed a color-filter technology that at least doubles the sensitivity to light of the image sensor in every digital camera, enabling shutterbugs to take better pictures in poor light.

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