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by sashwa 08:57PM Friday Jun 04 2010
Frontier Communications, which provides telephone and other communications services to portions of the Mid-Hudson Valley, has established its first ever bilingual call center in its Middletown offices.

Twenty Spanish speaking representatives will be added to the 80 English speaking call representatives there.

Vice President of Human Resources and Call Centers, Cecelia McKenny, said about 15 percent of their customers would be well served with the bilingual reps.

“Frontier’s footprint, remember we are a rural telecom, so our territories are not as diverse as perhaps different parts of America,” she said. But, McKenney said whether you are in rural or urban America, the Latino population is the fastest growing segment, “So we are positioning ourselves as better serving that growth population in the United States.”

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by sashwa 08:54PM Friday Jun 04 2010
By Jim O'Neill

Promising a more focused local management approach and a commitment to community, Frontier Communications has begun to reassure soon-to-be-former Verizon FiOS customers that nothing else would change after it takes over Verizon's rural wirelines in 14 states, including some 110,000 FiOS-connected households, roughly 69,000 of which subscribe to FiOS TV.

Frontier has put up an FAQ page that it hopes will ease the transition from Verizon as the deal moves forward over the next 9-12 months. Frontier previously has said that Verizon personnel would continue to operate the system until the deal closes.

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by sashwa 08:54PM Wednesday Jun 02 2010
Residential and business customers within the existing 715 area code should be prepared for the introduction of the 534 area code. Frontier Communications announced today, June 2, that as of July 17, 2010, all customers located in the 715 area code will be required to dial the area code + seven-digit number (10-digit dialing) when making local calls from both landline and wireless phones.
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by sashwa 10:03PM Sunday May 23 2010
by wvmetronews.com

The sale of Verizon's landline service to Frontier Communications isn't wrapped up just yet. Before both sides sign on the dotted line, the West Virginia Consumer Advocate Division wants to make sure some changes are made.
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by sashwa 09:07PM Thursday May 20 2010
Story by Walt Williams

State regulators have approved what will be the largest telecommunications deal in West Virginia history, although the unions that oppose it are still weighing their options for stopping the transaction.

The West Virginia Public Service Commission approved by a 2-1 vote the acquisition of Verizon’s landlines by Frontier Communications May 13.
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by sashwa 09:11PM Wednesday May 19 2010
By Eric Eyre

State Commerce Secretary Kelley Goes wants to make sure West Virginia residents and small business owners in remote areas don't get left behind in the race to expand high-speed Internet across the state.

West Virginia has received more than $130 million in federal economic stimulus money to build a broadband network.
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by sashwa 08:59PM Monday May 17 2010
By Calvin Azuri, TMCnet Contributor

Frontier Communications Corporation, an independent provider of telecommunications services in the United States, had reportedly shown an interest in acquiring Verizon Communications’ local operation in West Virginia.

This pending acquisition has been approved by the Public Service Commission of West Virginia also known as PSC, subject to certain conditions, as reported by Frontier Communications Corporation.
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by sashwa 08:50PM Monday May 17 2010
By: Zacks Equity Research
May 17, 2010

Frontier Communications' pending acquisition of Verizon Communications local wireline operations was at last approved by the Public Service Commission (PSC) of West Virginia. With this, the company has received all the required state approvals for the transaction.
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