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by vidmag 11:26PM Wednesday May 03 2006
»www.arkansasbusiness.com/article ··· 6&cID=e

I am on the "other" side of the Arkansas River, where I can not get any AT&T DSL OR HSI from Charter Cable (currently on Wildblue.) Maybe this will open the door for an expansion into my area.


by David 01:42PM Tuesday Mar 21 2006
»(news #72937 no longer exists)


by David 03:19PM Friday Mar 17 2006
»(news #72826 no longer exists)

basically norton sent an update that may disable dsl service to a few people.


by Riss_Centaur 02:13PM Thursday Nov 03 2005


by mig 10:13PM Sunday Jan 30 2005
»money.cnn.com/2005/01/30/news/fo ··· cnn=yes

The boards of directors of SBC Communications Inc. (Research) and AT&T Corp. (Research) were to meet Sunday to vote on a more than $15 billion stock deal in which SBC will buy AT&T, according to sources familiar with the situation.

The telecommunications companies, which have been in talks for days, have come to a tentative agreement, a source familiar with the situation said. The combination would bolster SBC's business with large corporations and spell the end for AT&T, the once ubiquitous "Ma Bell."


by mig 08:11AM Saturday Nov 06 2004
»money.cnn.com/2004/11/05/news/fo ··· cnn=yes

SBC Communications said Friday it plans to cut 10,000 jobs, or about 6 percent, of its workforce by December of 2005.

The layoffs will occur across the board, using attrition and involuntary cuts, Walt Sharp, spokesman for SBC, told CNNfn.
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by drake 07:50PM Sunday Aug 29 2004
The Texas Workers' Compensation Commission re-approved nine private employers to provide their own workers' compensation coverage to their employees, including Southwestern Bell Telephone LP in San Antonio.

The state's certification lasts for one year. Texas law gives large employers the option of self-insuring their workers' compensation liabilities from worker injuries.
Continued here.


by lilhurricane 09:49PM Monday Aug 09 2004
By Jim Hu - CNET News.com
August 9, 2004, 11:57 AM PT

In an attempt to differentiate itself from its cable rivals, SBC Communications on Monday said it has boosted upload speeds for its broadband Internet customers. Customers of SBC Yahoo DSL Express now get an upload speed of 256kbps, up from 128kbps.
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by removed 08:53AM Tuesday May 25 2004
SAN ANTONIO - Local-phone giant SBC Communications reached a tentative contract agreement with more than 100,000 union employees early today, hours after the workers' planned four-day strike came to an end, union and company officials said.

Communications Workers of America leaders say the five-year deal, which is subject to member ratification, improves wages and strengthens job security for the employees it represents in 13 states.
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by Optimized 03:18PM Tuesday Mar 02 2004
NEW YORK (Reuters) - SBC Communications Inc. (SBC.N: Quote, Profile, Research) , the No.
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by skj 09:11PM Tuesday Feb 03 2004
By George Mannes
February 3, 2004

SBC Communications (SBC:NYSE - news - research) ended a low-price promotion for its DSL service this weekend, prompting a suggestion that pricing for high-speed Internet service has bottomed out.

Closing out a promotion that began last October, SBC raised the lowest monthly price that most customers can pay for digital subscriber line service to $29.95 from $26.95. The move restores the feature's prepromotion price.

Full Story @ TheStreet.com


by HardwareGeek 05:29AM Thursday Dec 04 2003
saw this and figured sbc users would want to know
»www.hwgeeks.com/comments.php?id= ··· &catid=1

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by Optimized 07:38PM Wednesday Oct 01 2003
Wed October 1, 2003 06:45 PM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - SBC Communications Inc. SBC.N , the No.
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by Taoron 01:15PM Friday Sep 26 2003
While Charter Communications Inc. said Wednesday that it will cooperate in the music industry's hunt for computer users who share copyrighted music, another major Internet provider here is fighting for the privacy of customers.
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by Pair Gain 12:17PM Friday Sep 19 2003


by MarkyD 12:03PM Sunday Sep 07 2003
A proposed class-action lawsuit settlement to resolve complaints about the performance of SBC's high-speed Internet DSL service would give subscribers up to two free months of service.

Story here.


by Taoron 02:04PM Tuesday Feb 18 2003
INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission ruled Monday that telecom giant SBC Communications must open its broadband network lines to competitors at a fair price.

The ruling comes as SBC pushes a bill in the Indiana General Assembly that would eliminate the IURC's ability to regulate the deployment of broadband services such as high-speed Internet.

Commission Chairman William McCarty said the ruling was the next logical step in providing choice and competitive pricing for consumers. "There's no question that broadband and how it is deployed is addressed here," McCarty said.

Full Story


by Taoron 12:38PM Monday Feb 17 2003
Three San Diego City Council members have sent a letter to SBC Corp. accusing the telephone company of failing to meet city requirements for moving overhead wires underground.

Council members Toni Atkins, Michael Zucchet and Donna Frye said in a letter to Ignacio De La Torre, SBC area vice president, that the utility has shown "blatant disregard" of the city's ordinance requiring utilities to relocate wires underground.

The council members said they "will proceed with all measures available to ensure compliance on the part of SBC."

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by Taoron 12:37PM Monday Feb 17 2003
Some nights, it seems that every other call is a phone company with a new deal for local and long-distance service. This is the sound of competition, and the question is how long it will last.
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by Taoron 12:21AM Sunday Feb 16 2003
TOPEKA - SBC Communications suffered a major defeat Friday in its effort to keep its high-speed Internet network from being regulated by the Kansas Corporation Commission.

Following 18 days of hearings, the House Utilities Committee rejected 11-9 a bill sought by the company to deregulate its broadband network.

Rep. Carl Holmes, a Liberal Republican and the committee chairman, said after the vote that the issue wouldn't be considered again this year in his committee.

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