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by MediacomEric 06:59PM Wednesday Jan 27 2010
Here are updated channel lineups for the following IL areas:

downloadBradford_Cha···Rate.pdf 134,322 bytes

downloadBrimfield_Ch···Rate.pdf 134,145 bytes

downloadChillicothe_···Rate.pdf 133,843 bytes

downloadGeneseo_Chan···Rate.pdf 134,885 bytes


by wafen 07:54PM Tuesday Jan 30 2007
Dish Network, like DirecTV, is now targeting Mediacom Communications customers who lost Sinclair Broadcast Group TV stations as the result of an ongoing retransmission-consent dispute...

»www.multichannel.com/article/CA6 ··· ing+News


by Axilla 06:34PM Thursday Jan 18 2007
The agency's chairman says Mediacom subs should be able to watch standard and high-def channels during the dispute...

»www.tvpredictions.com/martin0118 ··· 1807.htm


by garn91 03:59PM Wednesday Oct 04 2006
»mypc.press-citizen.com/blogs/blo ··· blogs=9

ESPNU will be added to Mediacom's sports package.


by garn91 09:02AM Tuesday Oct 03 2006
»desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs. ··· 0030392

Nice to see the Register has done their homework as Mediacom already has a sports package.


by drslash 05:55PM Tuesday May 16 2006
There are some good comments in this article about Mediacom's health in general, besides the financial ratings.

»biz.yahoo.com/bw/060516/20060516 ··· tml?.v=1


by Turbocpe 02:42PM Monday May 15 2006
Mediacom CEO Takes Aim at Net Neutrality



by marigolds 06:12PM Sunday Oct 09 2005
»www.mediacomcc.com/corporate_pre ··· eId=180

The deployment is to reach 65% of Iowa by the end of the year and the rest of the state by the end of Q2 2006.
The bundled rate is $29.95/month ($10 off for cable subscribers, $10 off for HSI subscribers, $20 off for both from $49.95).
bullet story continues..


by IronDragon 01:33PM Friday Oct 07 2005
Consumers Have New Phone Service Option

»www.kcci.com/newsarchive/5068187 ··· ail.html


by marigolds 04:57PM Friday Aug 19 2005
»www.jdpa.com/studies_jdpower/pre ··· 2005117
Mediacom comes in last place, trailing even the likes of Charter and Adelphia, in the annual J. D. Powers and Associates rankings of customer satisfaction in the Residential Cable/Satellite TV industry.

Mediacom also ranked in the bottom group in all six subareas of the survey (as did Adelphia and Charter while Comcast only did so in five subareas).


by marigolds 11:35AM Monday Jun 27 2005
»www.multichannel.com/article/CA6 ··· al=SUPP
The article includes a lot of statistical analysis, but also finishes with coverage of future service upgrades planned by Mediacom.


by lotusracer 04:16PM Wednesday Apr 13 2005
"Cable television and Internet service provider Mediacom and a group in favor of creating city-owned fiber-optic utilities are at odds over bills in the Legislature that would make it harder for municipal utilities to form and would make city-owned cable systems pay property taxes."

Read more HERE.


by wth 10:12AM Wednesday Mar 23 2005
The Des Moines Register reports that a Des Moines man who made thousands of illegal connections gets a prison sentence of up to 15 years. »www.desmoinesregister.com/apps/p ··· 001/NEWS


by garn91 10:16PM Tuesday Mar 08 2005

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by drake 04:03AM Friday Feb 25 2005
By: Jeff Robinson

The Algona City Council approved a new 10-year franchise agreement with MediaCom cable television during public hearing held in conjunction with its regularly scheduled Monday, Feb. 21 meeting.

The new franchise agreement was based upon the previous 10-year deal and will provide the city with a franchise fee of 5 percent of MediaCom's cable TV revenue in the city. Algona will also receive 30 cents per subscriber per month from the cable company to be used as a grant to help support the city's strong public access TV program which is run by the Algona Community School District. Story Continues @ zwire.com


by marigolds 07:42AM Wednesday Feb 02 2005
Mediacom has completed a deal with Showtime similar to last week's HBO deal. Subscribers will now get access to Showtime, TMC, Flix, Showtime HD, and TMC HD on the Two Star Pak or higher. Digital Cable subscribers will have access to Showtime On Demand and TMC On Demand.

»www.multichannel.com/article/CA5 ··· ral=SUPP


by marigolds 01:18PM Wednesday Jan 26 2005
Here is the confirmation that Cinemax VOD and HD is on the way :)
A new Showtime deal is apparently in the works as well.

»www.multichannel.com/article/CA4 ··· al=SUPP


by Lar 03:57PM Wednesday Dec 01 2004

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by drake 12:58PM Friday Nov 26 2004
Reported and Story Continued at fool.com
By Chris Cather
November 23, 2004

Hurricane Ivan and satellite providers DirecTV (NYSE: DTV) and EchoStar (Nasdaq: DISH) wreaked havoc for Mediacom (Nasdaq: MCCC), the nation's eighth-largest cable company and small city niche player, during the company's third quarter.

Mediacom announced earnings Nov. 8, posting a loss of $0.11 per share compared with a $0.02-per-share gain in the year-earlier period. Consensus analyst estimates were for $0.01 per share.

Hurricane Ivan disrupted operations for the company during September in Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi, and according to its 8-K, the company "experienced damage to cable plant, and other property and equipment, business interruption and loss of customers."


by drake 02:22PM Saturday Oct 30 2004
Imagine an average day in the life of a typical P2P customer. You wake up, hop onto Azureus, your favorite BitTorrent client, and start trading information.
bullet story continues..

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