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by lordpuffer 03:52AM Friday Dec 31 2010
Geinimi, a highly sophisticated Trojan, has been detected in Android devices in China.
However, it appears to be more of a sign of things to come rather than a serious threat to U.S. Android users.

Full Story at: »www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,23 ··· 6,00.asp


by seagreen 10:03AM Friday Jun 20 2008
The company announced recently that it would shutter most of its networks on Friday, unless the cities or investors stepped in to buy them. None have. With no buyers in sight, MetroFi Inc.'s free wireless projects in Portland and in cities in California and Illinois appear to be ending.

More here: »apnews.myway.com//article/200806 ··· 2O0.html


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by seagreen 10:20PM Tuesday Jan 08 2008
With just a few months to go before the launch of its next-generation wireless network, Sprint Nextel Corp. (S) has a distinctly modest lineup of compatible devices.

At the International Consumer Electronics Show here this week, Sprint showed only two computer modems that will definitely be available in April, when its WiMax network becomes available outside current trials in Chicago, Baltimore and Washington.

More here: »apnews.myway.com//article/200801 ··· 700.html


by seagreen 03:15AM Wednesday Aug 15 2007
An anonymous tipster has apparently informed Engadget that Sprint's new WiMAX service will be called "XOHM", the article further goes on to describe other speculations.

It's anybody's guess at this point how you'd pronounce that ("x-ohm" or "zohm" perhaps) but we're told to expect a formal announcement as early as Thursday. The timing is certainly legit what with plans to have the 4G service up and running in select cities "by year-end 2007." We'd expect any new branding to encompass the combined efforts of those Clearwire and Google deals though our source ain't sayin'. Perhaps XOHM was the delayed little secret behind Sprint's "wireless evolution" teaser site which was pulled without explanation before its July 4th pop date.

The full article can be found here: »www.engadget.com/2007/08/15/spri ··· ed-xohm/


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by seagreen 09:48AM Friday Jul 20 2007
Sprint Nextel is partnering with Clearwire, a broadband technology company, to build a nationwide WiMax network for cell phones, both companies announced Thursday.

Sprint Nextel plans to offer WiMax coverage to 185 million users in its 50 largest market areas in the United States, while Clearwire plans to give coverage to another 115 million people. Both companies predict that together, they will offer mobile WiMax network access to about 100 million people by the end of 2008.

More here: »news.zdnet.com/2100-1035_22-6197 ··· 569.html


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by seagreen 05:02PM Thursday Jun 14 2007
Clearwire Corporation announced today distribution agreements with DIRECTV and EchoStar Communications Corporation. The distribution agreements enable both satellite companies to offer Clearwire’s high-speed Internet service to their customers and contemplate that Clearwire in turn will be able to offer the video services of one or both satellite companies to its customers. This is expected to enable each of the three companies to offer high-speed Internet, video and voice in all current and future Clearwire markets. The launch is planned for later this year.

More here: »home.businesswire.com/portal/sit ··· Lang=en


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by seagreen 10:59AM Sunday Apr 01 2007
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 1, 2007 - Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced the launch of Google TiSP (BETA)™, a free in-home wireless broadband service that delivers online connectivity via users' plumbing systems. The Toilet Internet Service Provider (TiSP) project is a self-installed, ad-supported online service that will be offered entirely free to any consumer with a WiFi-capable PC and a toilet connected to a local municipal sewage system


by seagreen 04:41PM Wednesday Nov 15 2006
Nov 15, 1:45 AM (ET)

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Microsoft Corp.
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by seagreen 03:46PM Wednesday Sep 20 2006
By Erick Schonfeld and Jeanette Borzo
September 20 2006: 2:19 PM EDT

It's almost a given these days that Clearwire, the Wi-Max wireless network founded by cellular pioneer Craig McCaw, will shake up the wireless broadband sector. "If anyone is going to do it, it's going to be Clearwire," says Joe Laszlo, a senior broadband analyst at JupiterResearch in New York.
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by seagreen 07:46PM Thursday May 11 2006
May 11, 5:24 PM (ET)

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - City Council on Thursday unanimously approved a plan to blanket the city's 135 square miles with a high-speed wireless Internet connection, a measure that mayor is expected to sign soon.

If the system is fully deployed by the third quarter of 2007 as planned, Philadelphia would be the first large city to have its own wireless Internet network. EarthLink Inc. will build, operate and maintain the network under a 10-year contract.

More here: »apnews.myway.com//article/200605 ··· 6O0.html


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by FFH5 07:37PM Sunday Mar 12 2006
It takes politics to really screw up a technology project.

»www.philly.com/mld/philly/news/1 ··· 951.htm

City Council won't be voting on Mayor Street's signature wireless Internet initiative any time soon because members only recently received copies of the hundreds of pages of contracts that they must approve.
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by seagreen 10:03AM Thursday Feb 23 2006
Feb 22, 8:24 PM (ET)

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Google Inc. is joining EarthLink Inc. in a bid to build a wireless network in San Francisco that would offer basic Internet access for free and charge about $20 per month to surf the Web at higher speeds.

The partnership, revealed late Tuesday night, represents the first time that Google has acknowledged it wants help in its quest to provide free wireless, or Wi-Fi, service throughout San Francisco, where the hills could make reliable Internet connections more difficult.

Seen here: »apnews.myway.com//article/200602 ··· JG1.html


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by seagreen 06:20PM Friday Feb 17 2006
Feb 17, 5:35 PM (ET)

CHICAGO (AP) - The nationwide rush to go wireless appears poised to extend to its biggest city yet. Chicago is launching an effort to offer wireless broadband, city officials said Friday, jumping on the Wi-Fi bandwagon as similar initiatives proceed in Philadelphia, San Francisco and smaller cities.

Chicago has hundreds of Wi-Fi hotspots in places like coffee shops, bookstores and libraries, where anyone can walk in, sit down and connect to the Web. Hoping to extend that wireless blanket to all 228 square miles, the city plans to ask technology companies this spring to submit proposals for the project.


by seagreen 02:43PM Thursday Feb 16 2006
By Drew Clark

(Monday, February 13) The wireless industry association CTIA is not opposed to competition from city-sponsored, unlicensed wireless ventures, top officials of the group said. The CTIA position illustrates a shift in the unpredictable alliances in the field of municipal broadband.

seen here: »www.njtelecomupdate.com/lenya/te ··· 902.html


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by seagreen 03:08PM Thursday Feb 02 2006

SANTA CRUZ — If you've ever stopped on West Cliff Drive, gazed at the ocean and thought, 'I wish I could check my e-mail,' that might soon become reality.

The city has joined with communities in Silicon Valley to pursue a high-speed wireless data network that would blanket 1,500 square miles, including Santa Cruz.

Whether the service would be free to residents or made available for a monthly fee, and how it would compete or work with existing Internet providers, has not been determined.

Seen here: »www.santacruzsentinel.com/archiv ··· ocal.htm


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by seagreen 03:01PM Thursday Feb 02 2006
By Sandy Brown
TheStreet.com Staff Reporter
1/30/2006 11:28 AM EST

Rupert Murdoch's DirecTV is linking up with rival EchoStar Communications to launch a nationwide wireless broadband network, TheStreet.com has learned.

Seeking to keep pace with peers in the telecom and cable TV industries, DirecTV is building a network to offer its own wireless broadband services to consumers, according to two people familiar with the deal. These people say that DirecTV is working with EchoStar and seeking final bids from tower companies in a push to put the network together.

Seen here: »www.thestreet.com/tech/internet/ ··· 051.html


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by seagreen 06:37PM Saturday Jan 21 2006
TDS Metrocom is working together with hardware maker, Alvarion Ltd., to roll out an extensive wireless broadband network in the largely rural state of Wisconsin.

The new network will be launched gradually, starting with the state capital. It will use Alvarion’s BreezeACCESS VL wireless solution to operate on the 5.8-GHz band, and deliver internet access at up to 4Mbps, over distances of up to 12.5 miles.

With many rural areas of the United States still not served by high speed internet access, there is a huge market of potential customers, just waiting for a broadband solution to be launched within their range.

Seen here: »www.teleclick.ca/2006/01/wireles ··· sconsin/


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by seagreen 06:30PM Saturday Jan 21 2006
ATLANTA -- In its sixth launch of wireless broadband service in six months, BellSouth announced today that BellSouthR Wireless Broadband Service is now available in DeLand, Fla.

BellSouth's wireless broadband service offers residential and business customers high-speed Internet access, with downstream speeds up to 1.5Mbps and no phone line needed. The system transmits signals between local radio towers and a small non-line-of-sight desktop subscriber modem and utilizes BellSouth licensed WCS 2.3GHz spectrum.

Seen here: »www.unstrung.com/document.asp?do ··· id=87195


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by seagreen 11:10PM Wednesday Jan 18 2006
By an overwhelming vote of 14-1, the Milwaukee Common Council approved an agreement with Midwest Fiber Networks, Milwaukee, to build a $20 million city-wide wireless computer network.

Midwest Fiber has a 14-year contract with the city to provide the network and services.
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by seagreen 11:04AM Monday Jan 09 2006
Broadband is the electricity of the 21st century—and much of America is being left in the dark
By Robert McChesney and John Podesta

Most people know broadband as an alternative to their old, slow dial-up Internet connection. These high-capacity data networks made of fiber-optic cables provide a constant, unbroken connection to the Internet.
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