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by No_Strings 10:36AM Tuesday Feb 27 2007
Should come as no surprise to the cognoscenti in this forum, but more people are turning to wireless for their Internet access.

»www.businessweek.com/ap/financia ··· LO0.htm

"About one-third of Internet users in the U.S. have used a wireless connection to surf the Web or check e-mail, according to a survey released Sunday.

The survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project showed that 34 percent of Internet users have gone online through Wi-Fi service or a cell phone network, including 27 percent who have logged on from somewhere other than their home or workplace."


by FFH5 06:00PM Saturday Oct 14 2006
»blogs.pcworld.com/staffblog/arch ··· 47.html

Networking gear companies Linksys and D-Link are rolling out new Wi-Fi routers and gear that support the upcoming 802.11n wireless standard.

Linksys announced its WRT350N Wireless-N Gigabit Router with Storage Link.
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by Spanky 11:41AM Wednesday Aug 30 2006
"This announcement will give 802.11n a really big shot in the arm," said Michael Hurlston, the vice president of chipset maker Broadcom's wireless LAN division. "We're expecting a market shift in terms of market share away from standards a/b/g and towards n.
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by Spanky 12:14PM Thursday Aug 03 2006
Mac OS, Windows, Linux laptops could be targets of ‘root kits’

LAS VEGAS - Some computers with wireless Internet capabilities are vulnerable to malicious software that would let hackers take over the machines even if their owners aren't actually online, researchers announced here Wednesday.

The researchers planned to detail the vulnerability in a demonstration at a computer-security conference, showing how to take complete control of a MacBook from Apple Computer Inc.

But researchers David Maynor and Johnny Ellch said the technique will work on an array of machines, including those that run Microsoft Corp.'s Windows and the free Linux operating system.

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by Spanky 01:52PM Wednesday Jul 19 2006
By Barry Levine

Dell has also taken the wraps off a new software utility, the Dell Network Assistant. The company said the utility will help to simplify setup and management of wireless networks, and will come pre-installed on many of its new PCs.

In a boost to its acceptance by the market, Dell has announced the availability of a wireless card for its computers using the draft 802.11n standard.

The company said that the higher speeds can more easily support such bandwidth-hogging activities as multi-user and graphic-intensive gaming, high-definition video streaming and downloading large files.

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by Spanky 02:13PM Thursday Jun 29 2006
By Kevin McLaughlin

Cisco Wednesday revealed details on two vulnerabilities that could enable remote attackers to gain unauthorized administrative access to wireless LANs.

The first affects Cisco's Wireless Control System (WCS), an application for managing lightweight access points and WLAN controllers.

Cisco Wednesday issued an advisory outlining numerous vulnerabilities in WCS that could enable remote users to perform a wide range of malicious acts, such as logging in with a default password, obtaining access point encryption keys, launching cross-site scripting attacks, and reading and writing to files in the WCS system.

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by Savant 12:28PM Friday Feb 24 2006
(Ottawa Citizen - Charles Mandel - Feb 23, 2006) - Looking for a hot spot? You won’t find one at Lakehead University. University president Fred Gilbert said he’s unwilling to introduce wireless Internet access to the Thunder Bay, Ont., school until he’s certain no health risk exists from electric and magnetic fields (EMFs).
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by CatSnak 12:51PM Wednesday Jan 04 2006
As reported in the Orange County Register (Free registration required). The City of Anaheim, CA has made a deal with Earthlink to bring citywide Wi-Fi to the metropolis and they're doing it without any cost to tax payers.
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by JMartin 09:39AM Tuesday Jun 29 2004
Technologies for networking home entertainment equipment will compete for dominance over the next five years, but ultimately Wi-Fi will use 802.11n to continue its early lead, according to a new study by ABI Research.

The report, "Wi-Fi Home Entertainment Networks," identifies three candidates for wireless home entertainment networking: powerline networking, Wi-Fi (802.11x) and Ultra Wide Band (UWB). ABI Research believes that the real contest will be between Wi-Fi and UWB.

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by JMartin 08:50AM Friday Jun 18 2004
Intel is working with wireless networking vendor Proxim Corporation to develop and manufacture wireless campus area networking systems for fixed and portable long-range broadband access based on the emerging WiMax standard (also known as 802.16).

The agreement covers the development of base station and subscriber unit access points that deliver wireless access for data, voice and video services.

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by adsldude 06:04PM Friday Jun 04 2004
If you own a linksys WRT54G or WRTS54G then you better read this!!!

»news.com.com/Linksys+Wi-Fi+route ··· efd.top

Elliott [aka Tryton]

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by DrTCP 12:07PM Tuesday May 11 2004
Get ready to see some cheap Microsoft branded Wi-Fi gear. MS decided to quit being a Wi-Fi gear supplier.

»www.pcworld.com/news/article/0,a ··· 8,00.asp


by Optimized 01:01AM Monday May 10 2004

Setting up a public Wi-Fi hotspot is not difficult or expensive, according to experts. "In terms of cost and what is required to set this up, it really depends on how involved a business owner might want to get," said Dennis Eaton, chairman of the Wi-Fi Alliance, a nonprofit organization that sets standards for Wi-Fi equipment.
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by No_Strings 08:56PM Thursday Apr 29 2004
Packing for that long road trip? Dreading that sloooow dial-up connection? Leave your phone cord at home. That sinking feeling you get when you flip on the light and see only an RJ-11 jack looking back at you from the other side of the room will soon be a thing of the past. Forbes lists the hotel chains that are deploying wireless networking to attract travelers with dialuphobia.

»www.forbes.com/travel/2004/04/29 ··· eat.html


by Optimized 05:45PM Wednesday Apr 21 2004
By Richard Shim

The Chinese government is expected to announce Wednesday that it is backing down from efforts to establish its own Wi-Fi security standard, according to sources.

Full Story at CNET News

by Optimized 03:06PM Monday Apr 19 2004
As broadband becomes standard in hotels, they are expanding their offerings by incorporating Wi-Fi and mobile access into their agreements. Vodafone and BT will sell their aggregated service agreements via resellers.
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by Optimized 01:37PM Friday Apr 16 2004
The WLAN equipment market saw year-on-year growth of 82 per cent in revenue terms last year, according to researchers iSuppli.

The company said that, in 2003, WLAN equipment sales totalled $2.8bn, up from $1.6bn a year earlier, while chipsets brought in $760m, up from $436m.
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by Optimized 10:46AM Friday Apr 16 2004
Broadband One Networks plans to introduce a wireless data service in September that would give high-speed Internet access to laptop-toting businesspeople roaming miles away from the nearest antenna.

Broadband One, a San Diego startup, will introduce the service in Bozeman, Montana, a college town tucked away in the south-central part of the state.
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by Optimized 09:36PM Wednesday Apr 14 2004
Wireless local area network (LAN) products from Cisco Systems are under fire again after the release of a software tool exploiting an old vulnerability, but the company says it has a new protocol that fixes the problem.

Earlier this week, the networking company acknowledged a previously discovered vulnerability in its Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol (LEAP) that makes it easier for hackers to launch dictionary attacks to guess common passwords used to access wireless LANs.
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by No_Strings 06:58PM Thursday Apr 08 2004
Add wireless products to the list of vulnerabilities found recently in Cisco products. Information Week reports the specifics and a link to the fix: »www.informationweek.com/story/sh ··· 8900713


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