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by SYNACK 01:00AM Thursday Mar 22 2007
See the forum discussion for details.


by SYNACK 10:49PM Thursday Dec 28 2006
A firmware for the ZyWALL 2+ has been released. Check the forum discussion for details.


by SYNACK 09:20PM Thursday Dec 14 2006
See the forrum thread for details.

by SYNACK 08:32AM Monday Nov 06 2006


by DrTCP 12:40PM Thursday Aug 24 2006

by Brano 09:42AM Saturday Aug 12 2006
See the forum discussion for details.

by bigsy 06:50PM Wednesday Aug 09 2006
ZyWALL 35 UTM V4.00(WZ.10), ZyWALL 70 UTM V4.00(WM.10) & ZyWALL 70 UTM V4.00(WM.11) are now available from »ftp://ftp.zyxel.com.


by bigsy 10:49AM Saturday Jul 22 2006
ZyWALL35 UTM_V4.00(WZ.9)C0 and ZyWALL70 UTM_V4.00(WM.9)C0 have both been released over the last week or so. The main ZyXEL FTP server is currently unavailable but the files are available from both »ftp://ftp.europe.zyxel.com and »ftp://ftp.us.zyxel.com.

by Brano 02:53PM Wednesday Feb 15 2006
Check out the Forum thread for details.

by Sentinel 08:10AM Thursday Nov 03 2005
New firmware for the P334WT has been released, V3.60(JN.8)C0(Standard). Follow the discussion here in the forum.

by Brano 01:16PM Monday Oct 31 2005
ZyWall 5 firmware version V4.00 (XD.2) has been released. See the Ongoing forum discussion.

by KrisP10 10:14AM Thursday Oct 27 2005

New ZyWALL 2 firmware (v3.62(wk.12) is now available for download. Please follow the discussion in the forum thread.


by teh 05:10AM Wednesday Oct 19 2005
HwaCom and ZyXEL together have grabbed the world’s largest contract to supply VDSL (very high rate DSL) equipment to Chunghwa Telecom (CHT).

Read the full article at Digital Times

by MooseCreek 10:59PM Sunday Oct 16 2005
Firmware version 1.4 for the P330W has been released. Download it from the ZyXEL site.

by bluepoint 09:31AM Friday Oct 07 2005
New Zywall 10W firmware 3.62(WH.13)CO has been released.

---click to download from the zyxel FTP site---

The release notes lists the following bug fixes:

Modifications in V 3.62(WH.13) | 09/26/2005
Modify for formal release
Modifications in V 3.62(WH.13)b1 | 08/31/2005
bullet story continues..
by ralphw 03:02AM Saturday Sep 10 2005
The AG-225H began shipping in the US today.

Here is the Product Page

by DavidJWood 01:50PM Friday Sep 09 2005
ZyNOS 4.00 has been made available for the ZyWALL 5 and ZyWALL 35. For links and discussion, see our forum thread.

by Sentinel 11:36AM Thursday Aug 18 2005
New firmware is now available for the P334WT. See the forum discussion for details.

by Brano 08:52PM Wednesday Aug 17 2005
New ZyWALL 5 Firmware is available (3.64(XD.4) C0). See the forum discussion for details.

by bluepoint 05:03PM Saturday Aug 13 2005
New ZyWALL 10W firmware has been released.

--- V3.62(WH.12) Download link ---.

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