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by Karl Bode 06:15PM Thursday Mar 29 2012
Comcast this week announced free text messaging and a voicemail-to-text transcription service for their Xfinity Internet Voice customers nationwide. The service, which our forum users noted was trial launched in several markets last year, allows users to use the Xfinity Mobile app to send and receive text messages for free using their home phone number. The transcription service allows users to receive an e-mailed transcription of a voicemail message, and/or an e-mailed file attachment of the audio voicemail. Comcast, the nation's third largest phone company, is looking to add functionality to their voice product as VoIP growth slows. As we noted last week, cable voice service may start to see losses as customers look for ways to save money under the weight of bi-annual TV price increases.


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by KathrynV 10:37AM Saturday Aug 25 2007
Comcast continues to make changes across the nation to its phone service, switching customer from their Digital Telephone program to their Digital Voice system. Last week customers in Michigan were discussing the changeover and this week it’s customers in Colorado who are paying attention. They have until September 10th to file comments about it with the FCC; a “soft disconnect” is planned for September 26th. General consumer consensus seems to be that the switch is for the better but as with all changes, there are some customers that don't want to deal with the problems of learning a new system.


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by KathrynV 11:17AM Sunday Aug 19 2007
Comcast made headlines earlier this year when it gained Customer Number Two Million for VoIP services. The lucky woman was a Michigan resident.
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