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by chastech84 08:45AM Friday Aug 19 2011
Most recent cellphone news has been about the 4 major companies turning into the big three. This has created opportunities to slam AT&T’s network as they complain about needing more spectrum. Then there is MetroPCS. If you recall they were the first company to actually provide LTE in the US, albeit at slower speeds than LTE is capable of. Now via their earnings call CEO Roger Linquist announced that they may be the first to Voice over LTE (VoLTE), confirming rumors that had been circulating earlier this year.

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PC Magazine had reported that Samsung was going to be manufacturing a voice over LTE device earlier this year. It is important to note that Verizon has already tested VoLTE on the LG Revolution however the actual launch is also scheduled to be in 2012.

To most people this change may seem miniscule.
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by Karl Bode 08:22AM Friday Apr 01 2011
According to wireless sector upstart MetroPCS, the AT&T and T-Mobile merger will be a good thing -- for them. Speaking to Connected Planet, chief operating officer Tom Keys makes it clear that it doesn't much matter if you're facing down three or four giants when you're a company as small as MetroPCS. "We think this is a one-and-one-makes-less-than-two situation, as it knocks another competitor out of the market," Keys said. "We think this is a really good time for Metro to put our head down and get down to business." If the deal closes, MetroPCS -- at 8 million subscribers -- becomes the fourth largest carrier in the United States, and the company says they expect a "12-to-24 month jump ball" for T-Mobile customers if the deal happens.


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by Karl Bode 03:32PM Tuesday Jan 25 2011
You'll recall that MetroPCS recently unveiled new pricing for LTE service that while certainly offering value to a certain segment of customers, upset consumer advocates who say the new pricing violates many core tenets of network neutrality -- such as applying caps only to your competitors' content, crippling handsets so your own content sees priority, and discriminating against certain content by locking some smartphone users in walled gardens. Concerned that the FCC's new neutrality rules could someday be modified to ruin their pricing "creativity," MetroPCS has followed in Verizon's footsteps and has also sued the FCC. A MetroPCS statement simply states the company has "concerns regarding the jurisdictional basis for the net neutrality rules."


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by Karl Bode 12:12PM Monday Jan 03 2011
Last fall MetroPCS was the first mobile operator in the United States to launch LTE wireless broadband service in parts of Las Vegas, the Dallas Fort Worth area, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Detroit. However, being first didn't mean it was necessarily good -- the company offering no data card service, no tethering, limited coverage, 3G-esque speeds and only one supported device: the underwhelming $300 Samsung Craft.
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by Karl Bode 08:40AM Wednesday Dec 15 2010
MetroPCS this morning announced that the company has launched their LTE wireless broadband network in portions of Boston, New York City, and Sacramento. The specifics are unchanged from their last few launches: $55 a month (including taxes and fees) will net you unlimited data, voice and text. Though on the flip side the Samsung Craft is the only device supported, there's still no tethering or laptop support, and MetroPCS' version of LTE arrives at 3G speeds (around 768kbps or so). With today's launch that's nine total markets now served, and the company says that launches in Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando and Tampa are on the way. As for broader device support, the company recently stated they'd offer a "half dozen or so" LTE handsets by mid 2011.


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by Karl Bode 09:10AM Monday Feb 08 2010
The wireless industry has a few bad habits. One, they like to advertise one thing, then go and do another -- including advertising services as "unlimited," when they have very clear monthly usage caps. They also like to bury clauses in user contracts that attempt to ban consumers from participating in class action lawsuits to settle complaints -- instead forcing them into binding arbitration, a faux-legal process governed by a company hired by your carrier that the majority of the time winds up with your carrier winning the dispute.
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by Karl Bode 09:33AM Tuesday Sep 15 2009
Like Boost Mobile and Cricket, Prepaid cell phone carrier MetroPCS has seen some early success in the mobile market by offering discount unlimited prepaid wireless plans with no contracts. The company enjoys injecting disruptive pricing into the wireless market, and now serves more than 5.4 million subscribers. According to a statement from the company this morning, they plan to offer LTE wireless broadband service next year. "We anticipate to begin offering our 4G LTE services and a dual-mode LTE/CDMA smartphone in our major metropolitan markets in late 2010," says the company, which also notes they've chosen Ericsson as their primary gear vendor.


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by Karl Bode 09:57AM Wednesday Mar 04 2009
Like Boost Mobile and Cricket, Prepaid cell phone carrier MetroPCS has seen some early success in the mobile market by offering discount unlimited plans with no contracts. While obviously not seeing the kind of growth of big boys AT&T and Verizon, the carrier added 520,000 subscribers during the fourth quarter and now serves 5.4 million subscribers. Our friend Stacey Higginbotham at GigaOM notes that MetroPCS will now be pursuing LTE technology in 2010. It would be nice to think they could impact 3G/4G pricing competitively, but so far, only T-Mobile has responded by pre-paid carrier moves toward truly cheap unlimited plans.


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