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by Karl Bode 06:28PM Wednesday Aug 13 2014
ViaSat is offering a new tier of satellite service they're promising will provide historically-heavily capped satellite broadband users a "virtually unlimited" service. According to a company announcement, ViaSat's new "Freedom" plan provides users with "at least 150 GBs of monthly data without a strict data allowance" for $70 a month ($60 if you bundle phone service).

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When Exede was introduced a few years ago to mixed reviews, ViaSat offered users 12 Mbps service with 7 GB ($50), 15 GB ($80), or 25 GB ($130) caps.

The offering of 150 GB at $70 is a significant step forward for a satellite broadband industry that has consistently featured very high prices and almost draconian caps. That's assuming there's no catch and the company can actually provide consistent connectivity (something that's never a given with satellite broadband, as our user reviews attest).

ViaSat says this new plan won't be available everywhere. Initially it will only be offered along portions of the Eastern Seaboard and the Gulf Coast; select counties in California, Arizona, and Minnesota; and across large chunks of Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Florida.

In addition to the company's new Freedom tier, ViaSat says that some customers will see "other Exede plans debuting August 18 across a large area of the country" that "will offer double or triple current data allowances." You'll only get these higher allotments if you subscribe to Exede Evolution, a service option launched about a year ago that offers unlimited browsing and e-mail, but counts all other usage against a cap.

"The Freedom plan shows our dedication to continually improving the customer experience and responding to their desire for more data," said Lisa Scalpone, vice president, Broadband. "With Exede Internet, we've shown that we can deliver high speeds at reasonable cost to virtually anyone in the U.S. Now we're excited to demonstrate that satellite internet can deliver data volumes that are competitive with wireline services."


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by Karl Bode 04:52PM Tuesday Dec 17 2013
Back in August we pointed out that satellite broadband provider ViaSat was trying something a little new with their Exede pricing plans: a $65 per month trial plan that allows unlimited browsing and e-mail, but imposes a 5 GB month limit and $10 per gigabyte overages on any other network activity (video streaming, file transfers, etc.). Otherwise, users need to pay for 10 GB ($50), 15 GB ($75) and 25 GB ($130) allotments.
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by Karl Bode 06:13PM Wednesday Aug 21 2013
Our user reviews for satellite broadband have traditionally been rather dismal, with users complaining of high prices, low usage caps, and inconsistent connection quality. ViaSat's new Exede service, launched last year, has changed that dynamic somewhat by offering faster speeds up to 12 Mbps with three plans offering users caps of 10 GB ($50), 15 GB ($80) and 25 GB ($130).
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by Karl Bode 11:40AM Friday Feb 15 2013
Back in 2011 the FCC began collecting real-world user broadband data from customized routers, then issuing reports on which ISPs were failing to deliver advertised speeds. It's one of the few FCC policies in recent years that has truly paid dividends for consumers.
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by Karl Bode 12:30PM Wednesday Nov 21 2012
DirecTV's offering a new satellite broadband bundle the company hopes appeals to rural users, though it suffers from the bane of all satellite broadband: annoying usage caps. We've known since May that DirecTV would soon be selling ViaSat's Exede satellite broadband service, and now we're getting a good look at some of the bundle pricing DircTV is offering.
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by Karl Bode 08:42AM Wednesday Oct 17 2012
ViaSat has bumped their lowest usage cap slightly for their new Exede satellite broadband service. According to user comments in our forums, ViaSat's $50, 12 Mbps tier originally came with a 7.5 GB cap, but has now seen that usage allowance increased to 10 GB per month.
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by Karl Bode 01:48PM Wednesday Aug 15 2012
Earlier this year ViaSat launched Exede, their faster satellite broadband service, which while providing faster speeds of 12 Mbps, still comes with some punishing and costly bandwidth caps. The service comes in flavors of 7 GB ($50), 15 GB ($80), or 25 GB ($130), with users throttled back to speeds of 128 kbps unless they shell out $10 per each additional gigabyte.
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by Karl Bode 04:27PM Thursday Jul 05 2012
At the start of this year we noted how ViaSat's new 12 Mbps satellite service, well-hyped at CES, wasn't quite the revolution it was cracked up to be in the press. In addition to not being available to everyone and being offered belatedly to existing customers, the tier makes the one thing users hate about satellite broadband (caps) worse, with Exede's usage limits actually lower than the services it succeeds.
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