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by Karl Bode 04:34PM Tuesday Jul 22 2014
Back in March I pointed your attention to a study that noted just 30% of all consumers had even heard of 4KTV, and of that 30%, less than a third actually had a 4K set. Four months later and a new study notes that of broadband users, just 17% have any idea what 4KTV is.

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Even among users aware of what 4K is, interest appears tepid.

Asked if they would pay $1500 for an HDTV set, just 6% of broadband users showed "moderate or high interest." When that price point was raised to $2000, those interest slid to just 3 percent.

"The industry is counting on 4K/UHD to be the solution for slow television sales and declining unit prices," said TDG president Michael Greeson. "This explicitly quantifies just how poor the demand for 4K/UHD televisions actually is and clearly demonstrates the current prices are too high to stimulate new sales."


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by Karl Bode 08:20AM Wednesday Apr 02 2014
Dave Zatz directs our attention to the fact that Verizon has finally started shipping the company's new Verizon Media Server (VMS) under the "Quantum TV" brand. As a new embedded video illustrates below, the new IPTV DVR hub offers 6-tuners and 1 terabyte or storage for $22/month over the price of your HD service. Users can utilize two VMS boxes to obtain 12 tuners and 2TB of internal storage for $32/month on top of existing HD service.

Users in our FiOS TV forum note that some users in some markets have been able to use the new DVR system for several weeks now, and have been giving their product impressions in the full thread.


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by Karl Bode 12:38PM Monday Apr 01 2013
Streaming OTA video provider Aereo this week saw another major win in their fight against broadcasters looking to shut the service down. Fox network founder Barry Diller started Aereo trials last year in New York City, the service offering users a $12 a month option for local broadcast television services -- adding an interesting and inexpensive option for those eager to cut the cord.
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by Karl Bode 02:28PM Wednesday Nov 21 2012
Rumors have once again bubbled up suggesting that Microsoft has broader television ambitions. Microsoft already has a strong foothold on living rooms via their Xbox 360 console, which provides users with a growing array of video content, though much of it suffers from walled garden-itis, requiring a traditional cable subscription, Xbox Gold subscription and an ISP that's a Micrsoft partner to access.
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by Revcb 06:41PM Wednesday Dec 14 2011


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by Karl Bode 09:01AM Friday Dec 02 2011
The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureau has e-mailed us a statement saying that the group is requesting that Verizon change their HD advertising claims. According to NAD, Verizon's claim that “FiOS TV rates #1 in HD picture quality" wasn't accurate, and that the claim was pretty far from scientific.
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by Revcb 07:12PM Wednesday Aug 24 2011


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by Karl Bode 09:06AM Wednesday Nov 10 2010
Forget all of that hype about 3DTV, a new study by Nielsen notes that 80% of TV viewing continues to be in standard definition. Nielsen notes that some of this is explained away by multi-set homes where there's an HDTV in the living room, but standard definition TV in the kids' or adults' bedrooms. Still, 44 percent of homes either do not have an HD set or an HD service, and even among those who do have an HD set, about 20 percent of viewing is through non-HD feeds. Nielsen doesn't really touch on this, but there's consistently been studies that also show that many people who think they're watching HD, aren't.


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by Revcb 08:16AM Thursday Sep 30 2010


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by Revcb 08:14AM Thursday Sep 23 2010


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by Revcb 09:19AM Thursday Sep 02 2010

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by Karl Bode 06:39PM Wednesday Apr 14 2010
Mari Silbey over at the Motorola mediaexperiences2go blog gives us a nudge to note that Verizon is getting ready to trial new FiOS TV set tops in the field. Both the Motorola QIP7232 DVR and QIP7100 HD set-tops will be tested in select FiOS TV markets later this year. According to Motorola, the new boxes consume as much as 20% less power than current FiOS set tops, and are made in part with recycled plastic. They're also significantly smaller and lighter, and come with double the hard drive space (320 GB) of current FiOS TV set tops -- allowing users to record up to 160 hours of standard-definition TV or up to 40 hours of HDTV. That's great -- now about that 802.11N-supporting wireless FiOS router we're waiting for?


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by Karl Bode 04:00PM Friday Feb 19 2010
Verizon today announced on their blog that the telco is letting owners of select Android-based Verizon Wireless phones use the devices to control their FiOS TV service. According to big red, users of the Motorola Droid or HTC Imagio can download the new application that will mimic all the usual controls for Verizon's HD set-top-box.
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by Karl Bode 02:46PM Tuesday Jun 09 2009
Verizon and Comcast have had an ongoing war of words when it comes to HDTV service, Comcast last year attacking the telco for over-inflating their HD channel count claims. According to a new Verizon blog post they've filed a false advertising complaint against Comcast for a new suite of ads that have apparently irked the telco. Verizon highlights the fact that Comcast isn't in much of a position to talk, given the cable company offers 47 HD Channels to Verizon's 117 -- in Comcast's hometown of Philadelphia. Verizon also raises the pesky fact that Comcast remains at the bottom of the barrel in most consumer satisfaction rankings -- though they have shown improvement in recent months.


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by Karl Bode 12:20PM Monday Apr 20 2009
Cablevision nudged us this morning to note that the carrier is ramping up HD channel availability. According to Cablevision spokesman Jim Maiella, the company this week is announcing 30 new free HD channels in NYC, and 8 new HD channels across the company's entire service area. Maiella also tells us the carrier should have "more than 100 HD channels available everywhere by June." We've obtained a list (pdf) of all the new channels being added for those interested. Cablevision is engaged in heavy competition with Verizon FiOS, and in addition to ramping up HD channel availability, the carrier is spending $300 million to offer free Wi-Fi to users -- and upgrade to the DOCSIS 3.0. Though Cablevision is not commenting, we believe 100Mbps tiers are currently in testing.


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by Karl Bode 06:35PM Monday Mar 02 2009
AT&T reached out to us to note that the carrier is now officially offering 100 HD channels in all of the markets where their U-Verse VDSL-based IPTV service is available. "That’s more HD than the local cable competitors in every U-verse TV market," spokesman Seth Bloom tells us. While the 100 channel count will likely be irrelevant a year from now, it's an important marketing metric in telcoTV's push to convert existing cable TV customers -- many of whom aren't thrilled with the limited number of options (for example, Comcast offers as few as 22 HD channels in some markets). The new channels are being added to existing tiers, without a price change (see full release for the particulars).


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by Karl Bode 04:19PM Friday Feb 13 2009
DirecTV continues its reign as the king of high-definition channel counts, though Verizon's FiOSTV service keeping pace with the satellite operator, according to new analysis by market research provider Pike & Fischer. According to the firm's press release, as of January DirecTV was offering as many as 104 channels in HD -- just one more than Verizon. Meanwhile Comcast, which offers as few as 22 HD channels in some markets, comes in last in the study -- as the company is still working to free up enough capacity to catch up with industry HD leaders. That hasn't stopped Comcast from criticizing Verizon's HD lineup lately. Of course by this time next year, HD channel counts should be a meaningless metric, with carriers competing on image quality (and someday, maybe, price).


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by Karl Bode 04:59PM Wednesday Feb 04 2009
The argument over whether to delay the digital TV transition from February 17 to June 12 stumbled last week, when the idea failed to get the required two-thirds majority vote in the House. The House of Representatives spent much of today debating legislation that would delay the digital TV transition from February 17 to June 12, and today ultimately approved the delay, 264-158. Many see the delay as unnecessary, given the people who ignored a year's worth of warnings will probably be equally unprepared on June 12. The hope is that the delay will give the government time to fix a coupon program that offers two free $40 coupons for digital converters to each American family. Budgetary shortfalls in the program resulted in a waiting list for applicants.


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