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Please note this function is deprecated. That means it is stale, outdated, no longer of any use. In future we might refresh this page to make something useful with the maps and states but for now it is of historical interest only

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US-wide » State MI » County Oakland » CO PNTCMINR

Town reports
(latest at top of list)
COs reported as live
(CO with latest positive report, listed first)
Auburn Heights - ABHGMIMN - 12-Sep-14 - Ameritech(12) Covad(6) AT&T(3) MCI(1) Southwestern Bell(1)
Royal Oak - RYLOMIMN - 27-Feb-14 - Ameritech(15) Covad(7) AT&T(3) other(3) Sprint(2) WorldCom(1) SBC(1) 97(1) Telco ADSL(1)
Pontiac - PNTCMIWS - 20-Jan-14 - Ameritech(10) AT&T(6) Covad(3) BellSouth(1)
Commerce - CMRCMICM - 06-Aug-13 - Ameritech(7) AT&T(3) WorldCom(1) Covad(1) Southwestern Bell(1)
Southfield - SFLDMIOK - 14-Jul-12 - Ameritech(6) AT&T(2) DSL.Net(2)
Rochester - ROCHMIMN - 25-Jan-12 - Covad(5) Ameritech(4) AT&T(1) Cavalier(1) Bell Canada(1)
Clarkston - CKTNMIMN - 22-Jan-12 - Ameritech(14) Covad(7) AT&T(5) MCI(1) Cavalier(1)
White Lake - WHLKMIXG - 21-Dec-11 - Verizon (ex GTE)(1) Verizon(1)
Pontiac - PNTCMINE - 22-Nov-11 - Covad(7) Ameritech(5) AT&T(2) Digital(1) SBC(1) Whidbey Telephone(1) USWest(1)
Farmington - FRTNMIMN - 20-Oct-11 - Ameritech(25) Covad(19) AT&T(4)
Troy - TROYMIMN - 09-May-11 - Ameritech(16) AT&T(2) MCI(1) Verizon(1) DSL.Net(1) Covad(1)
Southfield - SFLDMIOL - 01-May-11 -
West Bloomfield - WBFDMIMN - 22-Feb-11 - Ameritech(7) AT&T(4) Covad(3) MCI(1)
South Lyon - SLYNMIMN - 27-Jan-11 - Ameritech(10) Covad(3) AT&T(2) 1(1) Cavalier(1)
Troy - TROYMISM - 04-Mar-10 - Ameritech(4) AT&T(1) Covad(1) Southwestern Bell(1) Sprint(1)
Lake Orion - LKORMILO - 07-Feb-10 - Ameritech(17) AT&T(2) 19(2)
Southfield - SFLDMIMN - 02-Jan-10 - Ameritech(8) AT&T(3) XO Communications(2) UUnet(1) Covad(1)
Pontiac - PNTCMIMN - 30-Nov-09 - AT&T(3) Covad(3) Ameritech(3) SBC(1)
Birmingham - BRHMMIMN - 24-Sep-09 - Ameritech(17) Covad(7) AT&T(5) WorldCom(1) Southwestern Bell(1) XO Communications(1) other(1) 19(1)
Oxford - OXFRMIOX - 08-Sep-09 - Ameritech(13) AT&T(4) Covad(2)
Walled Lake - WDLKMIMN - 26-Sep-08 - Ameritech(16) Covad(12) AT&T(2) Southwestern Bell(2)
Farmington Hills - FMHLMIFH - 02-Jun-08 - Ameritech(15) Covad(7) MCI(2) AT&T(1) 19(1)
Pontiac - PNTCMINR - 10-Nov-07 - Ameritech(18) Covad(2) AT&T(1)
Pontiac - PNTCMIHF - 20-Jun-07 - AT&T(1)
Ortonville - ORVLMIXG - 15-Jan-07 - Ameritech(1)
Commerce - CMRCMINR - 01-Aug-05 - Ameritech(8)
Holly - HLLYMIHY - 09-May-05 - Ameritech(1)
Milford - MLFRMIXE - 15-Sep-04 - Verizon (ex GTE)(2) Verizon(1)
Drayton Plains - DRPLMIDP - 19-Aug-04 - Ameritech(6) Covad(3)
Southfield - SFLDMIPJ - 06-Nov-02 - Ameritech(1)


Forum PNTCMINR: Read [4]
Address: 3556 WALDON RD

google map the location
248-391 248-393 248-394

This CO feature set
Note: If you are not a Telco guru or network admin, these codes are of no interest, and do not relate to DSL service
    II Flexible ANI
    IH Make busy key
    IG Multiline hunt group-UCD line hunt
    IF Multiline hunt group-C.O. announcements
    IE Multiline hunt group-UCD
    ID Multiline hunt group-individual port acc
    IC Multiline hunt group
    IB Calling billing number delivery
    GR Local Number Portability Capable
    GQ Carrier I.D. Parameter
    GD 800 or 800 type service
    GC WATS or WATS type service
    DA Feature group D with 10XXX dialing
    BA Feature group B
    AA Feature group A