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Six Month Rating

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Review by coolal See Profile

  • Location: Los Angeles,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $39 per month (6 month contract)
  • Install: about 11 days
  • Telco party Verizon (ex GTE)
Good "Very Fast, Professional Install, All setup and Equipment costs covered"
Bad "Not any yet..."
Overall "Amazing for 20 bucks more a month what you can get!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Initially I had a lot of problems with Earthlink. Here is my DSL history: I first ordered on the 20th of December 1999 DSL from GTE (now Verizon). That was one big nightmare, I couldn't believe how patient I had become, they kept saying wait another month we are experiencing a lot of glitches. I told my neighbors at least 10 times "Oh yeah I'm getting DSL in a week" every time to see the day come and go. I finally canceled the order in May of 2000. After some more negotiation with my parents I went through Earthlink who was already my ISP (bought out my ISP: Netcom) so I could keep my existing e-mail address. A major plus. When I ordered it, it was the 3rd of July. That got delayed because either GTE would miss an appointment therefore causing Covad to automatically cancel the order or that the local CO was maxed out. So then in September of 2000 I cancelled the order yet again because I was going to get a cell phone, and GTE had still not even activated the line. Finally after my mom had hired someone to look at my sis computer and our network he recommended that we get DSL rather than share a 56k connection. So finally on the 10th of December I ordered DSL yet again. On the 18th of December the line was activated without a hitch and on the 21st of December I hope to have my line installed by Covad. It was quite amazing how fast this went and I am very happy. I will stay with Earthlink only until a more reliable and faster solution comes along.

Here is some of the technical and additional stuff I wanted to add about the Earthlink DSL. They are indeed using PPPoE but I have a Umax Ugate 3200 which automatically takes the PPPoE so that I don't have to worry about it. Covad will send out an Efficient Networks Speedstream 3260 DSL "Modem". The speed of the DSL service is advertised as "Best effort" which means that it can be as high as 1.5mbs or as low as 360kbs. In my neighborhood I live 5000 ft. away from the CO and I am also getting what Covad calls the Tele Surfer Pro, which should run at or near 1.5mbs.

I put in this review what I wished I could have seen in other reviews. One big tip though. Call about every 3 days with any ISP, keep yourself in their computers, because then you have less of a chance to fall through the cracks in the DSL ordering process.

One other thing, when my DSL does get installed I will be sure to update this so that I can give a full circle of the ordering/install process, and my installation is a Professional one.

THURSDAY December 21st:

THE DSL IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm 1.3 down and 300 up, I love it!!! Covad technician was the very best!

Thursday June 22nd:

I wanted to do a checkup on this... Initially I had service going in and out at a rate of about 10-15 times a week, for about 2 hours.... This was shortly after I wrote the December 21st review. Since the 3 week period of instability, my connection has been out ONCE! I love Covad and hope they don't go under, they are by far the best DSL provider.

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