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Six Month Rating

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Review by starreem See Profile

  • Location: Raleigh,Wake,NC
  • Cost: $39 per month (6 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
  • Telco party BellSouth
Good "best price for service in area"
Bad "tech suport can't talk to cust support who can't talk to sales who can't bla, bla, bl"
Overall "worth a try"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

UPDATE 4/1/2011 No, this not an April Fools review. I just came upon the six month mark of switching to Earthlink Cable. For the last two to three years, my DSL had become less and less stable. I went through several modems, lots of difficult customer service conversations, mostly due to the language barrier. I know the problem was with Bellsouth (AT&T). but with Earthlink as the middleman, and me at the end of the stick, it never seemed to be smooth. I finally gave up the ghost and switched, after what seemed like 8-10 months of reliably predictable outages immediately following any rain/thunderstorm. The last time I had to speak to an Earthlink rep on the other side of the world was when I switched. They sort of messed up my email addresses, didn't lose anything, but it was annoying nonetheless. My bill is now less than Earthlink DSL, faster than advertised, and all my billing and service questions go through Time Warner, not some hopelessly difficult to understand customer service rep in a far away land. I don't have TW cable TV, so I'm not paying their "penalty" for having internet without some cable/phone/internet bundle.

The poor cable guy who showed up for a late day appointment spent much longer time, I'm sure than he expected. I had not had cable for more than 15 years at my home. He had to pull cable from the pole on the street, and a second crew came back a few weeks later to bury the cable in my yard.

My speeds seemed slower with the older Linksys router I was using. I opted to install a Linksys RVS4000 gigabit router that I bought several years ago, but it constantly required re-booting with DSL. It has been rock solid with cable. I have experienced only one outage in six months, and that was repaired within 4 hours.

My upload speeds are slower than with DSL, sometimes slower than dial-up, but I'm rarely uploading anything other than web page requests. But my download speeds are consistently 6-7Mb range, well within my email, surfing, Netflix needs. I thought my service was a 3Mb speed, but maybe it was upgraded, since I don't even see a 3Mb option on their webpage anymore. All in all, I'm very happy, and sorry I didn't switch earlier.

UPDATE: 7/10/02 Way long ago, I finally badgered the one Earthlink rep who responded to me into sending the digital camera anyway. It was a POS, but it was advertized, so I think I should get it. The Enternet100 PPPoE was very buggy, always needed to re-boot computer and re-cycle the modem. A UPS solved about half of the disconnects, but the real solution was to replace the office 4 port router/switch with one port (already had plenty of ports), and use the 4port switch at home.

A few months later, I subscribed to the identical service for my small office a few blocks away. Price for both services has gone up to $49/ month. Very few problems with service. I only recall one or two times in the last 1 1/2 years when service was down, always due to DNS servers being down. Easy fix with the router, just call my brother-in-law on other coast, and type in his Earthlink DNS servers.

All in all, I am satisfied with the service.

Original review from way back in 2000:

Overall I seem happy with my DSL service so far. I've been up and running for less than a week. My only experience with faster services is when I have used the computers of associates at Universities. I needed a faster service since I was using a web based accounting software for a small business that I operate at home. So far that's been blazingly fast.

After finding this site (recommended by Earthlink Tech Support), and tweaking a few minor changes. I am getting test results consistently between 1.1-1.2 download and 100-200 upload. As fast or faster than my experiences on associates' computers. The service was sold at speeds "up to" (read: not guaranteed) 1.5m download and 256k upload. I figure I'm about 7000-8000 feet from BellSouth's switchgear.

A software disk showed up as promised a few days after order, and the hardware a week or so later. The hardware self-install was a breeze. I already had a PCMCIA NIC since I use this laptop at my office as well. The only problem with the self install is the manual was unclear as to which install CD to use to install the PPPoE software. Another CD was also included with the ZyTEL DSL modem. A short phone call to Tech support cleared that up. The most irritating problem I have now is that IE5 can't find a network connection now when I open the browser, requiring me to hit the try again button, despite tweaking IE5's options to "never dial up a connection".

The worst problems I have had are the lack of communication that seems to exist between customer support, tech support and sales at Earthlink cum Mindpsring. I have had OK experiences with Mindspring as my ISP for years now. There were numerous problems with getting my order entered properly, based on the promotional offer I got. (I still don't have the digital camera as promised!). The web page order page that researches your phone number for DSL availability returned a big fat "congratulations, you too can get DSL!", from the computer at my office, but when I actually went to order it at home that evening after work, I got a big fat "Sorry, DSL is not available at this phone number". Dare I mention I entered my home phone number on both occasions. It took the customer service rep, or maybe it was the sales rep, who knows, that actually placed my "online " order.

After reading the less than glowing reviews of other experiences, I'll keep my fingers crossed and knock on wood that my experience does not take a turn for the bad.

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