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Review by FarmerBob See Profile

  • Location: Littleton,Arapahoe,CO
  • Cost: $49 per month (12 month contract)
  • Telco party Qwest
Good "The Sales process was beyond belief"
Bad "The closer you get to the Corp HQ the dumber the people get."
Overall "It's not USQworst."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
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UPDATE 10/11/13:

It's been so long that I can not even remember having these guys. There have been so many since. I sound like an Internet Floozy. Yup. Ya gotta be to stay connected.

For the fifth time in 2 years I am a refugee. My latest migration is from SprintION (who Qwest ran out of business) 6-8 MBps connection to Earthlink (1.5 MBps), who was my ISP with ION. I jumped the minute I knew I had to get new service. Called and got a brilliant sales rep that took such good care of me. I asked if there were any specials for those of us that already had Earthlink as our ISP. My rep said she'd check and call me back. 2 hours later (I expected days) the nirvana ended, she called and said that they weren't going to run any for the ION people. Now I get 3-4 eMails a day and 2-4 letters a week touting a very special offer for ION customer to switch. But since I did it when one should due to the time it takes. I can't get the offer. Bad PR.

Now on to the really good part. My first order was cancelled. By who, no one knows. A second order was placed and it disappeared. My brilliant CSR found that one when she was checking on my order (on her own time and doing). So we started a 3rd. My line went active on the 10th and the hardware was to be in my hands on the 12th. I paid extra to get it shipped 2 days quicker. So since no hardware had arrived I went to their website to check on the progress of the order and thank God I took screen shots of the info. Last Wednesday it said that the line was up on the 10th (Monday) and the order was completed on the 12th and that I should be enjoying my new connection. But no hardware in sight. I called to inquire and was transferred to the PreInstallation dept. The message as you connect said that there was a 39 minute wait. 90 minutes later someone finally answered. I had fallen asleep so it took me a moment to regain my composure. NO ONE knew anything. So I sent an eMail to their general customer service and got some answers. I got more when I had physical evidence as to one moment things being one way and then changed the next. A rush was placed on the hardware and it should be here in 7-10 days. So much for paying for 2 day delivery.

In the meantime. This morning I was going through my AMX bill and there was a $149.95 charge from Earthlink. I called to see what that was all about and got the most rude, condescending, sorry excuse for a CSR. Everything I said he had to contradict. I said that there was a charge on my credit card, he said no there wasn't. I asked what the status of my order since the info on the website kept changing. He said another 14 days at least and the info on the site didn't change. I had proof. It did. After realizing that this was a lost cause and he was really ticking me off, there was more conversation than recanted here, I said thank you and hung up. I then went to send another eMail to the person that I did get some answers from and notice a different phone number on the bottom of the eMail that they had sent, so I called it. I got a very pleasant young man in Roseville, CA, the other guy was in Atlanta. He took my info and looked up the account. Lo and behold I had 3 accounts with charges. Why the other guy accessing the same database couldn't see this is any bodies guess. So we dumped two of the three accounts that were billed a cancellation charge, the cancelled account and the account that disappeared. He credited the two $149.95 fees (so there was a charge on my card and another one coming) and went to work on solidifying the one remaining account. By the end of this conversation I had my Static IP address, all my user info and he read out the eMail info as I created an account in Entourage. This guy was great. I want him cloned. Hopefully I will not have to make anymore calls so I'm crossing my fingers. I rarely ever had to call ION.

Needless to say I'm scared. If this is suppose to be the #1 purveyor of the Internet, we're doomed. The only other alternative is USQworst. I used to work for them and know how bad that organization is and how they have the Colorado PUC (Public Utilities Commission) and FCC wrapped around their little finger. Otherwise SprintION wouldn't be going away. ION was the best group of everybody. You could talk to one person that had the power and resources to take care of everything. The only problem was that they were always calling to see if I was OK. With an 8 Mbps connection, 4 phone lines and 700 minutes a month long distance for $150. I was Fabulous!!!

I hope that this interaction with Earthlink was an isolated incident. I have spoken with their Level 3 people and their pretty great. Hopefully that'll be my only future contact. To anyone having to go this direction, you'll have to be a watch dog and keep on them. Good Luck to us all.

I'll keep you posted as to what happens from here. I should be up and running by New Years when my ION connection goes dark.


As of the late 2000's Qworst is no longer Qworst. But is becoming one of the better providers. Is Earthlink still around?

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