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Six Month Rating

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Review by nstarz See Profile

  • Location: San Jose,Santa Clara,CA
  • Cost: $35 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party SBC
  • CLEC party: Covad
Good "$35/month for 3.0 MBps down and 384 up"
Bad "PPPoe disconnects every few days or so"
Overall "3.0 for $35/month, possible 6.0 too"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Dec 2006: After being with Earthlink for over a year, they are now the more expensive DSL provider/ Earthlink now offers 6.0, I will try to upgrade to it. I learn from browsing the Forums that more speed means less reliability. The forums is the better place than the Earthlink phone support. I was paying $50/month for a while, but calling them to cancel lead them to help offer me for a deal for $35/month.

July 2004: Its been about a month of DSL usage. I fixed the conenction problems it was the router that was giving me problems, so I got another linksys router and it does really good. I can still download at over 300k+/sec from download.com. The only bad thing is that the DSL resyncs a few times a day. If I turn my computer off the modem will connect on the net at a very low speed, but if I leave my computer on it maintains the 2500-3000 connection. Weird, but it could be fixed with a reset of the modem. So it's not biggie to me.

Havn't called support yet while I had this DSL, but they seem ok when I had Dial-up for the 7 or so years before the DSL upgrade.

If you're a seeder then this is a great deal, but if Earthlink was still charging $50/month I wouldn't get it unless it GURANTEES the 3.0 MBps. At work I bought the SBC YAHOO for $27/month. So I got two. I would get Earthlink if I was at the office more, but since I'm not I settle for teh lesser and cheaper speed there. Since I'm at home and seeding most of the time, them this speed is great. You can upload at 10k+ and find no slow down while chatting and reading the forums here =P

Original Review: This is my review. I havn't found anyone who had an Earthlink deal with $35/month for 3.0 MBps for a year. This deal isn't listed on the webpage, but was first presented to me by a Fry's Associate/Salesman, whatever u wanna call him. He said only selected cities, in my case San Jose, CA, has this special deal.

I was like, hmm intresting. I heard 3.0 was over $40 before.

I was also considering SBC Yahoo $27/month for up to 1.5. But decided to get Earthlink because I didn't want to cancel their membership after all this year and lose a business website that Earthlink is hosting.

It's been a month and the connection is great. According to Broadbandsreports's test the speed is actually around 2000-2200. But my download says otherwise. When I download files from download.com, I reach speed of 350k/sec. It was fast enough that I got tired of double clicking my downloaded files in my desktop that I select "Open" from the dialog box and it opens in a few seconds.

It's so cool watching your computer download 1 MB every 3 seconds.

The upload is great too. I'm seeding OCRemix, free gaming remix songs, and I see my upload speeds can go up to 100k/sec. That's close to 1 Mbs of upload...whoa. (I don't mind until I browse, which you can't do when you are uploading that much)

My order was delayed for two days I think. Must have been the Memorial Holiday I think. I got the basic dsl modem which included a couple of filters and one phone line and one ethernet cable and power supply. Nothing special here.

Earthlink uses PPPoE now.

I am currenting calling support to ask them if there is a timeout for PPPoE connections. I want to stay connected, uninterrupted for weeks, if not months.

May 3, 2005 update. I have Earthlink for about a year now. The only gripe I have is that my connection isn't 100%. I say in the past year I lost my connection about 50 or so times. Not too sure if it is because I live in a hill and it affects my connection. I once got a Covad (yah Covad is actually the DSL Provider in San Jose, CA if you order Earthlink) and he replaced my modem once. Other than random disconncets the conenction is pretty good.

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