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Six Month Rating

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  • Location: San Diego,San Diego,CA
  • Cost: $53 per month (6 month contract)
  • Telco party AT&T
Bad "I felt I was lied to and ripped off"
Overall "Technically they seem to provide a good product but administrative... I keep thinking Ferengi"
Pre Sales information:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:

I signed up for Earthlink cable modem service at $29.95 month for 6 months.
turns out they provide this service thru Time Warner cable here in San
Diego and TW also does the billing. TW says they have no way to give me
this price and are billing me $52.99 per month. They cant change it because
it is setup thru Earthlink and their agents don't have permission to change
anything on the account.
I have been trying to get them to honer this deal for a month. I have
called these 2 companies no less than 50 times and per my notes logged 21
hours on the phone (a bunch of 2+ hour phone calls) getting this fixed.
Earthlink keeps sending me to Time Warner and TW keeps sending me to EL.
Actually the TW people really tried to help and eventually suggested I
cancel EL and go directly thru TW and they would get me the same deal but I
had to get an EL cancel confirmation number first. It took 4 hours on the
phone yesterday but was finally able to cancel Earthlink and go directly to
TW for the service. I believe that this is all Earthlinks fault, they have
been no help at all on the phone and never responded to my 3 emails about
the issue, most of my calls were transferred to TW without telling me; they
just put me on hold and next thing I knew TW was answering the phone which
was aggravating because it is so hard getting anyone on the phone at EL
unless you want to talk to the sales dept, otherwise it is 30 minutes on
hold. From what I can tell, Earthlink is completely outsourced to India
(Earthlink India corp.), but they do have an address in Atlanta. Dealing
with the EL support in India has been a nightmare of bad phone connections
and language interpretation issues, but just try and cancel your EL
service, they all but refused and hung up on me 2 of the 3 phone calls. The
EL terms and agreement states that cancellations must be by phone or
certified letter and state that they may continue charging your bank
account after you have canceled (seems to be a practice at many companies
these days). I finally got a confirmation no. but the cancel date is 6
weeks out. If I was not out of work would have given up a long time ago and
I will bet most people do. Hard to imagine anyone would be happy with this
This clearly falls (My Opinion) into false advertising. This company off
shores all of these US jobs as do thousands of US corporations, it is one
of the major reasons our economy is in its current state, the epitome of
the 1%, I think it's disgusting!
I would suggest to anyone, find another company.

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lodged 2.5 years ago




Avoid Earthlink

Just one word......terrible!!!