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Review by TODDRICK See Profile

  • Location: Milwaukee,Milwaukee,WI
  • Cost: $53 per month
  • Install: about 17 days
  • Telco party Ameritech
Good "fast connection and static IP at a great price"
Bad "none yet, just a few minor irritations"
Overall "good deal"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I've waited awhile to write a review to see how stable connectivity and e-mail would be. I think things have gone very well. I am a DTVDSL refugee (dry pair installed in 3/2000) so was not bothered with downtime while getting lines released. I ordered on 1/6/03, recieved the router on 1/17 and was sync'd and surfing on 1/23.

NO muss, no fuss and I never felt the need to pester them for install status. (Strange, my Telocity(old DTVDSL) install also went like clockwork at a time when many were complaining loudly.) I'm getting about 1290/440 (they warned me up front that I wouldn't get much more than 300 up), much better then the 600/60 I was getting from DTVDSL. I called them last week to set up two more e-mail accounts and was pleased to find no Frank-on-hold, in fact no hold at all. I am very pleased with Cyberonic.

25 April 2005

Just a quick update, after 2 years of service I remain generally pleased with Cyberonic. The connection has been rock solid, I am getting 1290/600 and cannot remember any outages. I am still on the 1.5/768 plan (don't want to pay the setup fee to transfer to the 6.0/768plan, if they would comp or discount the setup I'd go for the faster connection). The Email servers have occasional 'brain farts' but are generally very good. Usenet servers are pretty poor, I see many 'server not found' and 'message no longer on server' messages, even for posts made that day . Problems remain also with the DNS servers. Shortly after getting their service I found DNS problems with the servers I was told to use. I changed to different Cyberonic DNS servers after reading a thread on this site. Lately these servers have also been flakey so for the last 3 or 4 weeks I have been using Level3's servers (also found in a thread on DSL Reports) and once again have aggrivation free surfing. Bottom line: I'm still happy with Cyberonic and I'm one who likes to gripe.

19 November 2012

Damn, time flies by. Coming up on 10 years and I'm still using Cyberonic, although a few years ago I upgraded to the 3.0/768 plan. Typically I get 2.6 to 2.8/660. We tried 6.0/768 but speed did not increase and the connection became unstable (I am about 11,200 feet from my CO). Other then one incident a few years ago when I lost connectivity secondary to a construction crew ripping up a 60+ year old cable about 8 blocks from my home (AT&T actually fixed that in about 2 days, amazing seeing as the crew also broke a water main and the vault/access hole that AT&T made promptly flooded!!) service has been flawless. My only other choices here are Time Warner and uVerse, at some point I may go with Time Warner as I have been doing some work for them as a cross connect vendor for their business class services. I have not had any reason to call Cyberonic in years and with the recent upgrades in their eMail servers do not anticipate having to call although I may just to see what possibilities exist now for faster speeds. All in all other then a desire for faster speed with lower monthly cost I have no complaints whatsoever.

Cyberonic continues to rock.

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