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Review by toshbre See Profile

  • Location: Taneyville,Taney,MO
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $89 per month (18 month contract)
Bad "horrible customer service. I has blocked and still continusly billed after several complaints."
Overall "liars and crocks"
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Do not be fooled by this internet service. In the begenning it will apper to be working great. I actually signed up for this service in January 2012 and during my 10 day trial was very pleased. I had faster speeds than I had ever had in the rural area I live in. After about a minth I started getting kicked off the internet for 30 minutes or so a few times a week. When I called in I was told they would send me a new error card and every thing woulds be fine. It actually was untill the first of the next month when the internet went out for 4 days. Again I called in and was told I needed another new error card. I received this and installed it and again I had internet for about a month but on the first of the month again I lost my internet. By this time I was getting very frustrated with this company and again called in asking why I did not have any internet. This time I was told I needed an external antenna to keep from loosing this again. So, I bought the $145.00 antenna, set it all upo and had nothing. By this time I had received 4 error cards bought a new antenna that they stated would fix everything and had spent nearly as much time with out internet as I had with internet. After 3 straight weeks of no internet and several work tickets opened to try to resolve the problem I was advised that they had blocked my area and the service would continue to be as it was. Can you belive that! The lady even suggested I should keep the service that they had sold to me and then blocked me from useing. Later I was told they would waive my early termination fee and reimburse me for all my down time since they had failed to inform me that I was BLOCKED. To my surprise just 2 weeks later I oipened an email from them expecting to find the amount of my refund but instead saw an invoice where I was being billed for another month of service! I did call in again and was told that they had doubled billed me and one of the payments would be reversed however they do not feel they owe me any sort of a refund. I had been told by 3 people that i would receive this refund and now I was not only not receiving the refund but would be responsible for another months worth of internet that I had been blocked from for 2 and a half months. TRhese people are liars, theives and just simply crocks!!

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