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Review by R32Raines See Profile

  • Location: La Vergne,Rutherford,TN
  • Cost: $61 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "100/40 Fiber, Basic IPTV, Cheap for what's included. Great Customer Service."
Bad "Must bundle IPTV to get 100mb connection. No NBA TV offered."
Overall "Better alternative to Comcast. Very happy with TDS."
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My Other Reviews

I wanted a 100mb service. Comcast wanted $80/month, with only 20mb upload, and the price only good for 6 months, plus modem rental after negotiating. Because of that, I switched my internet to TDS Telecom 100/40 Fiber Optics. Internet is $45/mo. + Basic IPTV is $16/mo. These prices include a free Whole Home DVR (500gb hard drive), and free wireless router/gateway (not using). This internet service level required bundling with basic IPTV service. No contract, Not a promotional price, Free Installation.

So far customer service has been nearly perfect. Very friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and helpful. Installation went very smooth. Installers were extremely nice, cared about their quality of work, were very thorough, and catered to my requests. They explained everything very well and detailed. Technicians even gave me a couple extra Ethernet cables to the length I needed to rewire everything the way I wanted so I could use my own equipment. Service was installed with a wall plate for the ethernet and power line for the ONT. Included a small battery backup that they placed where I requested. I was informed that they maintain all equipment for free, including the battery backup. Out of the advertised 100/40 speeds, I am getting about 97.5 down and 39.5 up. Pretty darn close and acceptable. No IPV6. Simple to use my own router and switch with service. My router is an Asus RT-N66U, and my switch is a Cisco SG200-26. Installation took about 4 hours. When setting up service, I was told it was required for 1 week until installation. It was exactly 1 week.

I would completely dump Comcast TV service if TDS offered NBA TV, but they don't at this time, so I kept Comcast for TV service.

Wireless router/gateway included is an Actiontec V1000H.

IPTV Whole Home DVR included is a Cisco ISB7050.

Service uses Cat 5e cabling.

Battery Backup is a CyberPower CS24U12V.

At this point, I've had service for 1 day, and I am very happy with everything about it, except that I have to bundle TV with the 100mb internet.

If you can get this service, I recommend that you do.

1 Year Edit:

I am still extremely happy with my decision to get TDS service. I consistently get right at 98 megs down and 39.5 megs up on speed tests. When doing real world downloads, it seems speeds exceed the 100/40 rate I am paying for. I have never seen a peak time speed slow down, never experience any peering issues, and everything seems to always stay consistent. I have seen only about 3-5 outages in a year, and they were usually in the middle of the night for only a couple of minutes, I would assume for maintenance.

Their customer service has been excellent as well. I call in inquiring about NBA TV nearly once a month and every time they have put in a channel request submission for me. When I signed up, they told me I wouldn't be charged for the router rental. I was charged $4.95 on my first bill for it, then I called in about it and was told I was correct in what was promised to me, so I was given a $10 monthly credit for a year to offset that cost and as a "thanks" for being a customer. I also recently wanted to reduce some monthly expenses and I called in thinking I would just downgrade to a lower speed tier... instead they just gave me another $10 monthly credit for the rest of the year to help me out. My most recent bill including taxes and fees is about $49 for 100 meg internet and basic tv with dvr and emergency (911) phone service.

Because of how great TDS has been, I have recently considered dropping Comcast as my primary TV provider, and switching completely to TDS for TV as well, even without having NBA TV, which is very important to me.

TDS recently announcing they are rolling out 1 gig service makes them even more exciting. Once it is in La Vergne, TN, I will be very very tempted. The only negatives I can see with TDS is still no NBA TV, and the fact they are still slightly more expensive than Google Fiber or Chattanooga's EPB service.

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TDS review

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