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Review by calearne See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
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Good "Better than satellite."
Bad "Outdated speeds"
Overall "TDS is just ''ok''."
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TDS is currently the only ISP available besides satellite and we have the 15Mbps/768Kbps package.

The upload speed is a complete joke if you want to upload HD videos to youtube.

I've been waiting YEARS for them to upgrade their equipment to VDSL.

If you have a question just call TDS because their email support is fairly poor.

We would switch to charter in a heartbeat (if only they expanded just a few more miles).

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river girl


TDS phpone and internet services

OMG! I have never encountered such poor service in my 73 years. Internet speed: supposed to be 7 to 15 is normally 5 or much, much less; phone customer service deplorable. In NH there is not other provider here. I have contacted the Public Services in NH. Many others need to do this. It has taken me since June 11 to finally get my "seasonal" phone issues corrected (and yes, I have had a "seasonal phone for 12 years with the same number and same TDS). They never follow through with complaints that I email or phone calls that I make. It is a different response each time and a different excuse for lack of ability to get issues corrected. Currently a tech was supposed to be here before 12 noon to look at internet connection and it is 12:-7 and no one has called or shown up. I explained that I had to leave the residence at 12:45 for an appointment. So much for customer service and TDS! Awful!