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  • Location: San Francisco,San Francisco,CA
  • Cost: $52 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 14 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Very helpful! Competitive pricing."
Bad "Not achieving advertised speeds. Length of time to activation. No dry-loop DSL."
Overall "It's pretty average. Your area may have a more competitive ISP."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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UPDATE - 09.06.11: Had some downtime today. Wasn't a big issue, but customer support doesn't seem to be local anymore. Was hard to hear. And prices are lower with faster speeds with Sonic. AT&T has checked the line a few times and our speeds aren't getting any quicker than 4200/600 Kbps. Gonna make the switch.

UPDATE - 06.05.11: Lately our speed times have been drifting slower. A few tests this evening averaged around 1800/600 Kbps. A far cry from 6000/768. I'll be calling customer support soon and seeing what can be done.

Otherwise, Sonic.net is now available in our area and the pricing and speed jump looks mighty enticing.


Note about monthly cost: This is the price for DSL service with DSLX ($35) PLUS the cost of the phone line with AT&T ($17), as DSLX did not have dry-loop DSL.



After four years with Speakeasy, we decided to make a switch to a new ISP because of cost for the speed ($55/mo for 1.5/768) and intermittent connection outages (several a day).

I found DSL Extreme through this site, read the reviews, checked out their website, and then called sales to get some questions answered. My main concern was how long we might not have a connection to the internet. Also, we didn't have a working phone line at the time, so was wondering what I would I need to do on my end to get service running. I didn't realize that our Speakeasy DSL was a dry-loop--or even what that term meant!--but the sales rep explained it all to me, mentioning that we must have dry-loop DSL with Speakeasy since we don't have a dial tone. He explained that we would have to order a land line through AT&T (currently DSL Extreme doesn't offer dry-loop DSL on our AT&T network), then call back to get the order placed. But they wouldn't touch the Speakeasy line at all, so we could use it through this whole process and cancel it once we switched over our network. The rep was extremely helpful, informative, and friendly.

I decided on the 6000/768Kbps dynamic package, month to month (for now), for $34.95/mo. (The price is $29.95 for a 12 month contract, which we'll switch over to once we like the line quality.) I did call again regarding pricing, wondering if the price online was introductory and if it would go up, but the sales rep said that if it did, it would be only by $2/mo. I mentioned that I wasn't ordering that day, and the sales rep said that whenever I was ready, I could either call back or just place the order online. He actually mentioned that it was easier to sign up online.

We did have problems with AT&T running the new line. They stole the pair for our Speakeasy DSL and we ended up with no internet for four days while AT&T fixed the problem and Speakeasy rebuilt our connection. But finally we got the land line straightened out. (Oddly, the second service person from AT&T kept trying to sell me AT&T DSL even after I mentioned to him numerous times that we were going with DSLE. Awkward...)

I signed up for service online with no problems. Quick and easy.

The did notify us immediately through email when there were issues with our order. The first was that I had given them the wrong home number, and I called to straighten that out. The second was that DSL Extreme had to order more space at the Central Office, and that delayed our order by a week. Their website kept me up to date on the status of our order.

The line went active on Dec 3rd, and we received our modem (DLink DSL 2320B) from DSL Extreme on Dec 4th. The instructions for hookup were easy to follow, but we did run into another issue because the IP address wouldn't reset on the modem. I contacted support through live chat and they were able to troubleshoot the problem on their end, resetting and rebuilding the addresses. Finally a green light on my Time Capsule!

It took two weeks to finally get service, but it was well worth it. The price even with the cost of the AT&T phone line ($17) is still less than our old Speakeasy and for a LOT more speed. I haven't had any intermittent connection issues either. Our initial speed tests show 4977/617 Kbps. DSL Extreme's staff was very informative, kind, and courteous. Definitely the best experiences with telecoms that I've had EVER.

Thank you very much, DSL Extreme!

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