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Review by zoom314 See Profile

  • Location: Yermo,San Bernardino,CA
  • Cost: $33 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "The Price"
Bad "Verizon DSL maintenance happens, Dry Loop Line gets flipped & then No ip with DSL"
Overall "Tech Support that blames the users hardware after Verizon DSL Sabotage"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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The transfer from Verizon DSL to DSL Extreme went fairly easy, There was one hiccup, Somebody flipped the two wires on the connection to the line card, I still had phone, But DSL would give Me a connection with No IP, DSL Extreme got that fixed, I'm able to use the old Westell 6100F DSL modem(Rev H) on My new ISP, I'd previously tried the Westell 7500 as It could only see ppp-e and never dhcp and I was/am setup for dhcp, DSL Extreme says the cord between the modem and the jack shouldn't be over 10' long, Mine is a 14' heavy duty phone cord issued to Me by Verizon(the Phone Company), It works perfectly here, It's now $19.95 a month for 1M/384K DSL service, But they don't tell You that there is a $2.88 charge to maintain the connection with Verizons crappy copper Phone Network. DSL Extreme Tech support is now almost as bad as Verizon is/was, I may next go to Time Warner Cable as the Dry Loop line goes dead when It rains here and the Sabotage from Verizon during their Maintenance results in DSL Extreme saying It's My hardware(Verizon loved saying that) and of course No IP address while still getting DSL(wires at the CO are attached to the circuit in a wirewrap setup that can be flipped), Yet after this is fixed My hardware which hasn't changed works just fine. Oh and No I don't work for Verizon or DSL Extreme, I don't work for anyone at all.

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