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Review by Thaler See Profile

  • Location: Encino,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $33 per month (12 month contract)
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Great bang-for-buck, reliable, and excellent DSLR forum support."
Bad "Outsourced phone tech support, price doesn't include mandatory fees."
Overall "A great option for DSLR members seeking (currently) cap-less DSL."
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I've been a DSL Extreme customer for years now and I've always been pleased with their services. They offer speeds comparable (or in my case, exceeding) AT&T's plans, but often at rates below AT&T's advertised prices. This is especially true for customers seeking static IP addresses - AT&T charges a heavy premium for this service.

My service has also changed over the years - from $60 for 6 Mb/s & 2-static IPs to today's $33 for 6 Mb/s & 5 dynamic IPs. Things just get cheaper as time goes on. I've always gotten the advertised speed, and they even offer your standard DSL modem for "rental" ($18 with some deposit, +$0/month).

Support for the line has changed as well. When I first picked up DSL Extreme, a main advertising feature was the local support. As of this review, that is sadly no longer the case for telephone support. That does not mean they are support-less - customers just need to be patient & all problems will eventually get resolved. DSL Extreme has even been able to help me fix a line signal problem over AT&T's lines that has plagued us for years.

Finally, an added perk with this ISP is that their DSLR forum is staffed by great technicians that check in daily. While outsourced phone tech support always seems remedial, these forum members handle even the most complicated of questions. Thank you DSL Extreme for this valuable member service!

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