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Review by zefie See Profile

  • Location: Hudson,Columbia,NY
  • Cost: $32 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 4 days
  • Telco party Verizon
Good "Fast provision, full line speed, local US support here on BBReports"
Bad "Phone support overseas"
Overall "If you need tech support, come here, don't use their site"
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Connection reliability:
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My Other Reviews

·Verizon Wireless..
Ordered DSL Extreme 2011-09-06, I forgot to include my DSL #, so the delay was my fault. After providing the DSL number on 2011-09-08, my login was working for both email and PPPoE within an hour. Activation date was set for 2011-09-12

On 2011-09-09, I woke up to my new speed provisioning. 3360/704. The speed I been trying to ask Verizon for, DSL Extreme gives me before my order is even complete!

So far my experience with DSL Extreme has been pleasant. A special thanks to dslx_steve on this site as well!

(Original Plan: 3000/786, $28/m after fees)


Note: For those reading my review, this is more the exception than the rule. I want to be fair and point out that DSL Extreme (or any other DSL Provider), in most cases, cannot give you more than your local telco. This is a technical issue, and not a company issue.

If you read my Verizon DSL review, you will understand that Verizon was cutting me short. Because of this, my line handles the faster speeds provided by DSL Extreme. I have a basic understanding of how DSL works.


Update 08-15-2012: So my contract was set to run out next month, so I was kicking around the idea of trying to upgrade to 5mbit. Spoke to dslx_nick on here who was very helpful. My line just may handle it, so we'll see. We discussed ADSL2+ (can't get it, VZ issue), and downgrading (free if a tech determines my line can't handle the 5mbit plan), and contract renewal. So I went ahead and placed the order last night (8/14/2012). Got an email stating it was complete and should be active by 8/17/2012. Now I sit up refreshing my modem sync page hoping it comes early like my initial signup

(New Plan: 5000/786, $53/m after fees)

Long story short, still happy with DSL Extreme.

Update 08-17-2012: Early morning my DSL sync went up but my PPPoE login stopped working for a few hours, then it came back. Now I have this: »imgur.com/pAEBk.png

Update 02-26-2013: DSLReports' auto system is asking me to update my review, but I don't really have anything new to add. Have had no issues since my last update


Update 03-28-2013: After speaking with dslx_nick and kicking ideas back and forth, I have opted to downgrade from my 5mbit interleave package back to 3mbit, but with fastpath. My line barely handled the 5mbit, and ever since Superstorm Sandy, the noise margin would bounce anywhere between 0.5 and 6.0 at any given time. The bleeding edge sync was starting to cause problems with low latency applications, such as gaming.

We ran a 48 hour test of 3mbit with FastPath, with no issues, and a decent margin (as well as super low latency). So now we are in the process of making the downgrade official. DSLX's billing department called me yesterday (03-27-2013) to verify and confirm the downgrade. The usual downgrade fee was waived for me due to the line quality.

I am still waiting for the re-provision, which is scheduled to take place anytime between now and 04-03-2013, but will likely occur sooner. The monthly fee for the 3mbit package is slightly higher now than it was when I first joined (by about $5), but this is likely due to Verizon raising everyone's DSL rates.

I am still very happy with DSL Extreme, because of the level of support provided by Nick. It is nice to be able to have a conversation with a tech that is on the same, or higher knowledge level as you, rather than having customer service treat you like you don't know anything, or an arrogant tech that knows it all. I will likely continue to be a customer for as long as I am in an area they service.

Update 2013-09-30: Some time ago (sorry, I don't remember) I went back to Interleave on my 3mbit ADSL1 line. This worked great, however on 2013-09-26, Nick managed to convince my local Verizon CO to switch my line to ADSL2+, something I have been trying to do since I got Verizon DSL, before I even switched to DSL Extreme. They used to give him the same excuses they gave me, but we got lucky on this day and they agreed to do it. VZ promised it would be ready on the 27th, but it was not ready until the 28th. I had no internet for 36 hours, but this is completely at the fault of VZ and not DSL Extreme, due to how my CO handled the upgrade. Ever since the 28th, everything has been fine, and my sync speeds have been better. I am now in the process of trying the upgrade to 5mbit again, now that I am on ADSL2+, and will see how it goes. I have renewed my annual contract with DSL Extreme, and am still really happy with them, and still give kudos to dslx_nick here on BBReports. If you have a problem, just calmly message him and he will get it fixed, if humanly possible.

In other words, still happy here

Update 2015-01-21: I upgraded to the 5mbit shortly after my last update, and got a second line a few months ago. The service provided by DSL Extreme was fantastic, but I had to switch to cable, not because of DSL Extreme, but because of limitations of Verizon's DSL. DSL Extreme pulled strings and tried everything they could to get me to the speed I needed, but it just wasn't enough with all the devices I have on my home network. If you are in an area where you can get DSL Extreme's newer plans, I would highly advise it. Unfortunately, I am stuck with copper lines here, and Verizon refuses to upgrade the infrastructure. I am sad to leave DSL Extreme because the support and service is beyond anything I have experienced in my 12+ years of dealing with ISPs. I would definitely join DSL Extreme again if I move to a better area.

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