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Review by LUDY44 See Profile

  • Location: Canyon Country,Los Angeles,CA
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To make it short and simple. The worst CUSTOMER SERVICE ever!!! Lets just say that I have been a member since September 2011 and I had no service until January 30th, 2012. DSL EXTREME is the worst at listening to customers complaints. The representatives I dealt with lacked compassion with my situation and did not make the resolution simple. Since September I did not have DSL signal other than three times (first day I received modem, once in October and once in November).

>>>>>5 AT&T technicians had to be sent to my home to determine why I was not getting DSL signal and all 5 technicians received strong signals and no problem with readings while at my home. They all did not understand why I was not receiving DSL connection. They would all instruct me to contact DSL EXTREME to send out a new modem, since the modem could be the only problem.

>>>>>DSL extreme sent out 5 modems in the time from of September 2011 to January 2012. Needless, to say if the customer service was great I truly believe this problem would have been resolved sooner; however DSL EXTREME creates tickets for every issue/phone call you want addressed and you are suppose to wait around for someone to call you.

Excuse me but I have a life and NO i will not sit by phone waiting for your call all day. The tickets are created and they call you when they get around to it pretty much. I would instruct them to call me after 5pm and they would call at 9am etc. Such a horrible experience that in January I started documenting my every contact with DSL EXTREME. As of Jan. 16th I spoke with either customer service rep or technical support every day until Jan. 30th 2012 when my problem was finally solved thanks to a great at&t technician. Since I have had service and have had most of the fees waived, but DSL EXTREME refuses to waive a reconnection fee of $10 and late fee of $2.14. The reconnection fee was assessed because yes they did need to reconnect my service to do more trouble shooting, but how is that my problem? Had DSL EXTREME fixed my problem during one of the numerous calls I made the service would have never been interupted. And a late fee of $2.14 , OH come on now!!! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE experience with this company. I cannot wait unitl my service is over. You truly get what you pay for! Pay more and get what you pay for.

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Chatsworth, CA

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DSL Extreme

I am sorry you had such difficulty, but... you had 5 on-site AT&T technicians who all insisted the problem was the modem, DSL Extreme sent out 5 different modems, and it wasn't until the 6th AT&T tech diagnosed something other than the modem, that you were able to get online?

I must say that I am surprised, as usually the AT&T dispatch technicians sent out on-site are more accurate in their troubleshooting.

Tickets are indeed worked in the order they are received, and we do create individual tickets for individual issues to make sure each gets addressed properly. I do apologize if someone called you at 9am rather than 5pm, though; the technician should have deferred the ticket for a later tech to call you, and instead spent that time working on the next ticket in line.

If you'd care to IM me your account details, I can check to see if those last remaining fees might be waived.