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Review by Eaglewatcher See Profile

  • Location: Anaheim,Orange,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (12 month contract)
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Here's the latest. I've still never gotten anywhere close to full speed, and am now running at about .70Mbps on a good day. DSLE wants to have the Telco come check the lines. I'm also suspicious of my router, which is making a high-pitched sound, barely audible, but there. They are sending a new router.
So, now in 3 weeks, I have spent hours on the phone, with email, troubleshooting, and am about ready to dump this altogether.
I've also since been informed, I'm 13000 feet from the CO, so I should downgrade to 1500. Ummmm. I might as well have kept my old plan, since now I'm runnin half of THAT on a good. day.
Frustrated???? I do work from home sometimes. Can't do it.
I have on-line classes that I can't deal with, since anything flash is in slow motion. This is so frickin pathetic.
I'm checking out Time-warner cable at this point, and am about to check out.

I've only had DSLExtreme one week. Seriously. Today is 3/14/12.
I left ATT's 1500/350 $29,95 plan, for DSLE 3000/512 plan at $14.95. Seems like a no brainer right?
I've already had at least 4 chats for support when I was able to stay connected, and about 5 phone support calls in the time. (Maybe more) My issue is speed, and loss of service.
It was easy to set up. I plugged in the modem my day of service began, and BOOM I had internet. I thought, how simple!
Then that night, my service dropped down to about nothing. I chatted with support. I jumped through some hoops, and nothing helped. So around and around I've gone since then. They have reset my line, done this, done that, tried to blame my copper wire, tried to blame my router?. I seriously don't know what the problem is, and it's kinda clear they don't either.
I was able to get 2400/440 speed at one point, but it was short lived. Now I am getting about 1240/330 pretty consistently, with occasional drops down to not much at all.
The last tech I spoke to, suggested he downgrade my plan for me, since he didn't think I would ever get the advertised speed.
So now I'm here at the DSLreports forum, asking for help.
I haven't given up hope I can get the advertised speed... but so far, not a happy customer.
We'll see what happens.


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