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Review by knid See Profile

  • Location: Norco,Riverside,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Nothing good anymore. Sad, but true."
Bad "Fraudulent billing practices (bills for higher capacity than possible), no response from customer service or billing."
Overall "Don't even bother. These guys used to be the best, but not anymore."
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We were very happy initially when we signed up with DSL Extreme in 2004. We contracted for 6Mbps down, and we thought we were getting that. Over the years, we had multiple issues with download speeds, and usually, their tech support was able to get things resolved. That was before they outsourced most of their customer support functions. Now ... we complained about slow speeds last week - we were only getting 224K down, and this was affecting our horse ranch business severely. I called to complain. Results?

1. They broke the circuit. Connectivity was not restored.
2. They promised to rebuild it on another router.
3. Connectivity was still not restored.
4. Dispatch for ATT was arranged (supposedly) for last Friday.
5. Friday came and went. No show. I called back several times, as we had rearranged our schedules to be home for the tech. Finally, dispatch was supposedly reset for Saturday.
6. Saturday came and went. No ATT.
7. Monday - now furious, I call back to find that ATT was only dispatched on Monday morning (yesterday.)
8. ATT shows up. Nothing wrong at our end whatsoever. Problem is with DSL Extreme routers.
9. ATT tech further explains that our local loop was NEVER provisioned for 6Mbps and that the maximum it would ever physically be able to sustain is 3Mbps.
10. DSL Extreme has nonetheless been billing us for 6Mbps service for over 8 years.
11. I call in to cancel our service.
12. I am told I cannot cancel service over the phone.

I requested to speak to a supervisor each of the times that I called in or emailed. No supervisor EVER responded. Thoroughly disgusted, and now a hostage of DSL Extreme until they process the cancellation. Fair warning. Do NOT use these people as an ISP.

It's kind of sad, as they used to be the best really.

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Toledo, OH


This is what happens when a small indie ISP becomes a national company over night and has shareholders to please. Company goes down hill and the customers a number. It's no better than dealing directly with the last mile provider.

Chatsworth, CA

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I reviewed your account...

Hi Michael,

I am sorry to hear that you experienced and issue. I reviewed your account and show that you called into our support team on 3/16/2012 requesting assistance with your connection. Our support team reviewed your account and thought that a circuit change may be necessary and indicated that they would open a ticket with AT&T.

Because the circuit was based out of a remote terminal in order to fully trouble shoot AT&T has to dispatch out on those lines. I do see that AT&T missed your dispatch and I sincerely apologize for that. I do show that AT&T did come to your premise on the 19th and per their notes they found a defective cable and repaired it.

The package that you are on is a 3000-6000/512-768. Your line will therefore sync at the highest rate possible within the speed package that you are on. I took a look at your past line readings and show that your line was in fact in sync at the full rate. I have included those line readings below for your reference.

I have asked one of our senior technicians to reach out to you to follow up. He will coordinate to ensure that your account it does get terminated on our end right away per your request.

DN STREAM ERRORS During the last measurement period of 15 minutes the line ran error free in the downstream direction.
UP STREAM ERRORS During the last measurement period of 15 minutes the line ran error free in the upstream direction.
DN STREAM SPEED The line is running at the maximum bit rate of 6016 kbps.
UP STREAM SPEED The line is running at the maximum bit rate of 768 kbps.
DN STREAM S/N The line noise margin equals the target noise margin of 6.0dB.
UP STREAM S/N The line noise margin is 13.5dB, which is above the target noise margin of 6.0dB.
DN STREAM POWER The line power is 14.5dBm, which is below the maximum of 16.0dBm.
UP STREAM POWER The line power is 12.0dBm, which is below the maximum of 13.0dBm.

General Manager
DSL Extreme
Will work for reviews.

Norco, CA

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Re: I reviewed your account...

I'm not sure what ATT told you, but they did not replace anything on the street, at my box, or within my premises. My wife was with the tech the entire time, so unless the cable you're mentioning was located somewhere between the CO and the street vault down on Second Street near the I-15, I'm not sure what you're talking about. In any case, our service is now confirmed canceled.

Us Army

Antioch, CA
Just curious......what is the downstream attenuation? attenuation=distance......Max recommended loop length for an AT&T 6 meg circuit is around 6500-7000ft. What is the Max recommended distance for a DSLExtreme circuit?
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