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Review by vstrugatsky See Profile

  • Location: Sebastopol,Sonoma,CA
  • Cost: $18 per month (12 month contract)
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Can't think of anything"
Bad "Connection never worked, poor customer support, charged early termination fees"
Overall "Can't recommend"
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I had a horrible experience with DSL Extreme.
I owned a 2WIRE modem that DSLE listed as compatible with their service.
Spent about month and a half talking with mostly incompetent technical support trying to get the service to work. No luck.

Found information on DSL Reports that the particular model I have, 2WIRE 2701-HGV, is cripple-ware and is not compatible with DSL Extreme.

Asked DSL Extreme for their own modem. The only option they have is a device without wireless access. With that device, I got service, but it would disconnect every few minutes.

At this point, I had enough, returned the modem and called to cancel the service.

Was told that I had to write them to cancel. I wrote the cancellation email and received the confirmation ticket.

But the service was not cancelled and I could not switch the provider. When I called back, they claimed that the cancellation ticket number I have in the email from them belongs to another customer. Unimaginable mess, their internal systems simply don't work.

They asked me to submit cancellation on their web page. That seemed to work, but they informed me that they are charging me the early termination fee of $170.70. For the service that never worked! Besides, they've charged me for three months of service that I never had. When I protested, they informed me that if I don't pay, my account would go to collections.

In short, pure nightmare.

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Chatsworth, CA

DSL Extreme

I'm sorry you ran into this difficulty. The standard 2Wire 2701 ADSL modem is compatible with our service and is listed on our website accordingly. AT&T's U-Verse service comes with a firmware-locked 2701-HGV VDSL modem, which is not compatible and not listed on our website.

The ticket number you provided belongs to a ticket opened for another customer on December 15th, which was before you started service with us in the first place. While it's theoretically possible the system ran into a technical error and gave you a wrong ticket number, I checked that ticket anyways and didn't see any cancellation email from you. If you'd like me to investigate further on this, please send me an IM.

You were indeed connecting with the modem we provided, as you yourself stated: "With that device, I got service, but it would disconnect every few minutes." I certainly don't consider that ideal, of course, but it does prove that we did connect your service in good faith. Unfortunately, you did not give us a chance to troubleshoot why your connection was being intermittent. If you should decide to give us another chance in the future, we will be happy to investigate this point further and fix whatever was causing the intermittency on your connection.