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Review by Goophy629 See Profile

  • Location: Oakland,Alameda,CA
  • Cost: $17 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 8 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Helpful and easy to reach tech support, considerable advantages over ATT"
Bad "Nothing really wrong, perhaps slightly loosing their advantages over time"
Overall "Still provide a better term compared to ATT's DSL"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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This is the second time I go with DSLX.

Before, I have had a 3008/512Kbps DSL service from DSLX, though the actual download rate is "limited" to about 2M due to the low SNR of the line. Any way, it had been satisfactory sine I could still get the 512kbps upload, and the service was steady overall.

PS: was actually able to obtain about 2.8M for a few weeks, about 2.5M for a few months, but the rest majority of the year was about 2M. Only one exception which I could have the 3008kbps full download WITH 10.x SNR. It was the night while the street was experiencing a power shortage(so almost no human-made EMI at the moment for the street-long wiring up on the pole), and I powered up the modem with a batter, so surprised to see the full 3008/512kbps~

When the contract ended, I decided to cancel the service too and look around if any better deal existed, especially compared to ATT's DSL(without cancelling the service, many of the pre-qualifying tools don't even give quotes).

ATT has further shrunken their traditional DSL bracket again, not only the 150GB monthly cap, but now also require 12-months term too.

So at the first glance, both ATT and DSLX provide the 1536/384 plan, while DSLX doesn't not bear the 150GB cap. Secondary, since I could had the 3M plan installed even though my line doesn't not really support it, I assumed I would be able to have this option for essentially an extra 128kbps upload. Great, enough to eliminate ATT while at this point, I consider DSL service only.

As well as googling any potential choices around, comparing their DSL services with DSLX, DSLX is still the last one stands out, so I chose it again and signed up for the 1.5M plan, which is the max their pre-qualifying tool provided~

BUT..as always, nothing might be perfect...This time, no more 3M plan, as there is no potential that the line can support the full 3M plan, period. Fair. Beside, the service installation wasn't so smooth either, but honestly nothing really wrong at the DSLX's end.

In conclusion, not too bad still, for a reliable low-cost home DSL service. In fact, pretty much the best in the market at the moment, though not anymore as inspiring as they were before lol~

Voila, let's go with 2013, and hope there will be some good changes in the future(like upgrading the basic facilities for the last mile connection, etc.). When will we have all-fiber lines and quantum computers in the consumer market? hum...

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Kansas City, MO

Not in KC

I am glad you have a supper high speed and good price.

unfortunately we don't have that company DSLX in Kansas City.