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Review by Ava963 See Profile

  • Location: Los Angeles,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $50 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Fusion speed & unlimited phone! Low cost, A+ service & support!"
Bad "None"
Overall "Best bang for your buck internet & phone provider! Top notch support!"
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Ok people long review coming up.

First I was with my previous ISP(will not name) since 2003. Just the last 4 years, service just went downhill and cost kept rising. I had a 8/1 mbps + phone plan. The best I would get is 6 mbps, but would get 3-4 all day long. Constantly had to reset modem, many outages and streaming Netflix was a pain. It would constantly buffer and I was paying Fios prices, $88 a month. Last year I started searching for a better ISP, needed a internet and phone bundle. Fios is not available in my area. My other options were TWC or Att Uverse. Then last month I found DSLExtreme and their Fusion service at $34.95(before tax & fees). No way TWC or Att Uverse can match cost and service with DSLExtreme. Everyone on my street has TWC and I constantly see their service vans here. As for speed, it got double and it's stable all day long.

Line quality gets a grade A on pingtest.com. I never ever got that with my old ISP.

I get 12 mbps and one occasion 14.35 mbps not bad for being 7000+ feet from the CO. If anyone can tell me how I could get more, please let me know. Support is great! I dealt with Nick, Steve and Winston. It is so pleasant to go to support and get issues resolved within the day. They are really polite, patient and they don't make you feel like an idiot. I always dreaded getting support from my former ISP. I knew I would be on the phone for an hour with nothing resolved. Now I could run Netflix on full Super HD and 3D(wireless) with no buffering. VUDU I get HDX 1080p and 3D(wireless). Scanning forward and back on movies is almost instant. While everyone else in the house can still be online. If you want to save money, awesome support and get all you can eat bandwidth for streaming HD & 3D get DSLExtreme fusion if you can.

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