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Review by Jeremy1976 See Profile

  • Location: Belfast,Waldo,ME
  • Cost: $50 per month
Good "Speed is back to normal for me"
Bad "Not sure how long it will last"
Overall "I'll keep my fingers crossed"
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I dont have many options where i live i have underground utillities to my house and i live 500 ft from the pole so im pretty limited. I used to have Verizon and then they got bought out by Fairpoint i had a 3 mb dsl line and synced up at 1.5. So i decided to opt for GWI which offered a 10mb dl and 1mb ul. Pretty much my service has been very very sporadic with no connection or a weak connection to 6mb at the best. The problems are so bad ive made at least 50 phone calls to tech support, they must have a log on me 10 pages long because now when i call them they wont do anything to help me. As soon as i give them my user id theyre like oh this guy again. What can i say i pay $75 a month for phone and internet through them and im extremely unhappy with my internet. I never get a consistant connection its usually 3mb or less and i want better speeds. I play alot of games on my ps3 that is pretty much what i use my internet for the most thats the important thing for me and the experience is lousy. When i first started calling tech support they would mess with some settings and get me close to 6 mb dl again over the phone but now they wont even bother all they say is weve done everything we can on our end. Im so annoyed with them thats their job. When i lose half my speed thats a problem i shouldnt have to call them 5 times a week. Im gonna switch back to fairpoint i guess just because its cheaper and at least with them my connection was consistant even though it was slow, but i think the ping times were better with fairpoint. GWI says they offer high speeds but be careful because it might be a lousy connection that you have to keep resetting your modem and calling tech support a 100 times. And if you call to much tech support knows who you are and wont help you at all anymore. Ive had service through them four about a year, theyve got enough of my money.

Update: 1/23/12 So i had a visit today from a tech support guy his name was Frank he was a nice guy and seemed pretty knowledgeable he got my bandwidth back to normal for me. I discussed with him how i was actually more concerned with my Ping/latency then my actual bandwidth. He did some further tests and at my local hub and NID outside and found some grounding issues and has put a ticket in with Fairpoint (they are the telephone company who owns the lines). Hopefully they follow through with this. I was really really close to switching back to Fairpoint. I actually still have an order in with them to switch my line back over but ill call and cancel it in the morning. I feel like they are actually trying to fix the problem for me now and ill give them one more shot. I'll keep my fingers crossed and update when i know more.

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