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Six Month Rating

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Review by BigVe See Profile

  • Location: Gulliver,Schoolcraft,MI
  • Cost: $49 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 6 days
Good "Stable connection"
Bad "Way to costly and no way to lower it since we already have bundled"
Overall "To much money for internet but what can i do(nothing if i want internet)"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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12-3-12.Centurylink offer all kinds of deals to new customers like specials pricing for the first year & can even lock in price for 5 years.I have been with them for many years and i can't get a single $ off.Wish i had an option and this company would be history

Finally have a choice besides dial-up(and satellite).Signed up as soon as it was available in mid March.19.95/mo. for first 3 mo.Modem supplied was a Netopia 3341 but i also have a Westell B-90.They both work equally well.I am VERY happy so far with my first 3+ months with Centurytel Dsl.Have talked to tech support online with some stupid questions i have had since this is new to me and i have always received helpful response.Also the technical staff that works for Centurytel around here i know somewhat and that i hope should make things easier if i have problems in the future.Only two outages so far.One was caused by a cut fiber cable and the other was login problems(PPPoE).I signed up for the fastest they offered 1500/256 and i have a constant 1250+ down and 205+ up so no complaints here(my dial-up was about 48/20 ) I am 14500' + from office.Had my line tested by installer and it is good for 6000+down/ 600+ up.I know that some areas serviced by Centurytel can get 3000/512 but i was told that it will be quite some time if ever for us here but i live on the hope.Have seen many negative thing from other users but i would recommend Centurytel.And YES tweaking do help.

Update 11-04-05
Now close to 8 months and have never had any issues worth mentioning with speed or connection.Speed is still around 1250/215 every time i test it.So bottom line is that i am a happy customer with Centurytel DSL just still hoping that they will lower prices to be more in level of other providers.

Update 2-20-06
Even though it works great i have lowered my rating on services as well as value for money.Centurytel keeps falling behind competition more and more.Have 1500/256 (1250/215 after overhead) and no way to get any faster package unless i purchase a business line then they upload goes to 512.Don't think its worth a 50+dollars one time cost and an extra $5/month.Come on C-tel wake up before you get run over.

Update 4-12-06
Still going strong.Actually my download and upload recently got a little faster up from 1250 to 1400 down and 215 up increased to around 265 up.Still like to know where upgrades to 3000/512 went.Otherwise i am a happy camper

Nothing major has happened except that my modem died.Was replaced the following day for free by Centurytel.Speeds still in the mid 1400's down and 250+up.Still hoping of a speed increase but that is wishful thinking.Lower price would be great too as this must be the most expensive Dsl in the whole US (maybe even the World)


Still working as expected so no complaints here.Going strong but we need higher speeds and lower prices to match other providers.


Working but bandwidth is lacking due to overload of customers and not enough BW to go around specially prime time.Looking in to IPTV so hopefully i am going to have enough steam for that to work reliable.Time will tell.Otherwise i can highly recommend Centurytel in this area since our techs are great.

Things are going downhills so my ratings have been updated accordingly.Still better than dial-up but it's getting closer.with pings between 500-1000ms and download speed less than 100

A little better now but major slowdowns later afternoon/evening hours.They also know their bandwidth problems but it look like i am in for a long wait....again.Why can't they just add bandwidth when they know it's needed and fiber is available to them? Speeds between 300-1500 down and always a stable ~260 up


Guess it's time to do an update.Not any changes really except for no more slow speeds after they added more bw.Now steady at 1500/256.Going on 5 years and STILL sitting on this 1500/256.WHERE is any speed upgrades? I know i can only handle about 6000/512 due to distance from office but that would be ok with me.


Not much to say except for it works.Still waiting for more speed and lower price(guess i'm in for a long wait)


Have updated services and value since we did get a speed upgrade available.Still as reliable as ever with consistent speeds day or night.


Works fine but Still no better value.They set pricing according to competition(and there is none)

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