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Six Month Rating

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Review by GeekJedi See Profile

  • Location: Mukwonago,Waukesha,WI
  • Cost: $42 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party CenturyTel
Good "Right at advertised speed, low latency"
Bad "None anymore!"
Overall "No problems here."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Let me start by saying that I'm not a big downloader. I surf/email quite a bit, and VPN into my office. Speed is important, but not everything.

Having said that, I was using RoadRunners 3000/512 cable service (without their TV) which was running me $50/mo. Unlimited calling through Vonage was $24/mo. Since the competition is heating up around here with TW phone service, CenturyTel has become quite competitive.

I called to check availability, and found the package that I wanted. The modem cost and installation fees were waived, though it's a 12 month contract. If I want out early, I pay a prorated charge for the modem. Anyway, this was a Friday. By Monday the modem was on my doorstep. five days later, Friday noon, it was up and running.

I now get unlimited phone service, and 1500/256 PPPoE DSL for less than what I was paying for the old configuration. Yes, a reliable phone service and a still snappy connection for less. Even after taxes and fees, I save a couple of bucks.

Do I wish they offered faster service? Sure. They don't offer their 3000/512 service yet, and if they do, it will probably cost more than I'd like to spend.

As I said above though, speed is not everything to me! I do have to say though that the low latency has made surfing and email seem "peppy" to me. I haven't wished for the higher speeds at all!

Good job, CenturyTel!

*UPDATE 5/6/06*

This service has been absolutely rock-solid! The low pings make surfing "snappy", and there has been no downtime that I've been aware of. I absolutely do not regret making the switch. The phone/DSL bundle is great, even if a tad on the expensive side.

*UPDATE 9/1/06*

3000/512 now available. Painless upgrade, still working very well!

*UPDATE 4/8/07*

A big win for customer service! I moved to the next town over, also serviced by CenturyTel. I wanted to switch my 2 phone lines (one is a biz line) and DSL from the old house to the new one on the same day. about 11AM, service at the old house is shut off. Pack up the phones and modem, and sure enough everything was up and running at the new place, without even missing a beat!

Now I find out that they have 10Mpbs service in my area for the same price as the 3000/512 I have now. No problem, they say, we'll have you hooked up by 4/12/07. I'll come back (hopefully I'll remember!) and do another update then. The overall reliability - only an hour of downtime in well over a year - and service has earned them in increase in score from me.

Good job, CenturyTel!

*UPDATE 4/13/07*

Wooo hooo! I'm now getting 10000/768 and it ROCKS! The one thing to be careful of is that older CTEL modems won't sync to the higher speeds. Be sure to ask them about your modem when you upgrade.

At any rate, 10000/768 for $10/mo less than 3000/512. Am I happy? You bet!

*UPDATE 11/2/07*

Everything is still great. There was a week when I my speed was brought down to 6000/768 due to some technical issues. It was resolved quickly, and I'm back up to my full 10000/768. The service has been great, especially when dealing with the local techs. I highly recommend them!

*UPDATE 5/22/08*

Well, I narrowly averted disaster! I had a cable modem installed yesterday because "dry DSL" was going to cost me $59.95/mo. Fortunately, a CenturyTel rep informed me of a deal where I could save enough to make the price comparable to cable. I called in, got it worked out, and I'll be taking the cable modem back tomorrow. I'm glad that I was able to keep CTL!

*UPDATE 7/15/08*

True to their word, not only was my bill lower than what I would have paid for cable, but they also credited me (pro-rated) the rest of the month when I switched to a different plan. Everything switched with no hiccups. I am excited - I see lots of trucks laying fiber in my area..I hope that we'll be seeing 15000/768 around here soon!

*UPDATE 9/1/09*

Everything is still rockin' along. CTL did have an outage a week or two back, but other than that, I'd say it's been better than 99% uptime. Speed has been very good as well. I have no plans to switch away from CenturyT...oops I mean CenturyLink!

*UPDATE 7/27/10*

Still no problems. There's the occasional evening slowdown, but it's pretty rare. All-in-all, I've had very few issues. Over four years and counting - still a satisfied customer!

*UPDATE 11/18/11*

Still no problems. Like above, there still are some random slowdowns, but nothing major. I did renew with another one-year commitment to keep my special pricing. I watch a lot of streaming video, use VoIP, and my wife often connects to her office via a VPN. We rarely have issues. I understand others have problems with CenturyLink, but they've been good to us. As you can see, I've now been with them for 5 years!

*UPDATE 1/14/11*

Still rockin'! I've only had one or two outages in the past few months, the longest was about a half hour or so. There's a slight uptick in pings in the evening but generally nothing that I can "feel". Still getting 10.5/700 ish on speed tests. No problems!

*UPDATE 5/25/12*

Well after six years, unfortunately it's time for CTL and I to part ways. CenturyTel used to be a fantastic company - their employees were top-notch and were allowed by the company to truly serve the customer. I believe that the employees are still great, and do care, but CTL has simply lost focus. My connection is slowly getting worse and worse. In my first 4-5 years, I could count the number of outages and slowdowns I've had on one hand. Now I've had more outages in the past year than I did in the previous 5. The kicker was when I called support after my last outage. After being on hold for over 30(!) minutes, I was told that they had no information on the outage, other than the scheduled return of service was predicted to be 1pm the following day! Fortunately it wasn't that long, but again, a year or two ago I would have gotten someone local who would answer the phone right away and let me know what was up.

So, I've now installed RoadRunner. I have both connections running for now, but if RR performs well over the next month, I'll be canceling. Based on the reviews I've been reading, it doesn't look like things are going to improve anytime soon. My hope is that at some point they'll do a fiber upgrade in the area and it will get better.

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