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Six Month Rating

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Review by cgreene See Profile

  • Location: Roanoke Rapids,Halifax,NC
  • Cost: $69 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Great speeds, good service, great field techs"
Bad "None that I can think of so far"
Overall "CenturyLink has been great from the time I order until going live"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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After a 7 year wait for broadband, DSL finally came to my area on 2-15-10. I have been on dialup, satellite, 3G through the years. Always around T1 or better at work. I am about 3,000 feet from the RT so I ordered the 10 meg for 69.90 a month bundled with local phone service. Ordered over the phone and service was turned on 2-15-10 on the first day available. The local service techs Junior and Cory did a great job. The modem is a 660R in bridged mode. I am also using a Linksys 400N router. Speeds so far are always ~9850 to 9900 down and 840-850 up using speedtest.net or speakeasy.net. This has been a smooth ride so far. I will update as time goes.


Still going strong after 8 months. Speeds are always there and no downtime. Wish everything was like this.


After 18 months service is still GREAT! No downtime and speeds are still what I pay for. On the 10 meg plan I always get 10 or a little better down and 87 up. The first three or four hops are in the 8-10 ms range. It is like this 24/7. Very happy with CenturyLink.


Still receiving great service from CenturyLink. I am on the 10/896 package and speeds are right on target 24/7. Service has gone down once in over 2 years. That was due to a hurricane. I checked the modem stats a few days ago. This modem has been up for 6,643 + hours. Truly amazing!


Time for a update. The 10/896 has been great the past 16 months with no problems. After checking with CenturyLink founded out DSLAM has been upgraded to VDSL2 service. I am 3423 feet from the DSLAM and could receive 25/2 package. The line tech and inside tech showed up as scheduled and were up and down the road for a hour or so. They then ran cat 5 from the NID to the inside jack. Line sync is 25023/2014. I am getting a SOLID 23.5/1.90 at all times. What is interesting is these numbers are over a SINGLE PAIR and not bonded. Can't say enough about the techs that did the line and install work. They were great! CenturyLink has been GREAT for me over the years.

August 2014

Nothing new to report. CenturyLink has not been down once since last review. Still receiving 23.5/1.9 24/7. A few months ago did switch out the modem from Actiontec C1000A to Zyxel C1000Z. Don't really see any difference except the modem stats on the Zyxel are complete. Very happy with CenturyLink.

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I Agree

CL techs can make small miracles when they have the something to work with,but they can't pull 10/1 over dialup. Where I live, my miracle worker is an old lineman whose been with the company for years.
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