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Six Month Rating

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Review by exxtacypilot See Profile

  • Location: Rhome,Wise,TX
  • Cost: $63 per month
  • Install: about 16 days
  • Telco party CenturyTel
Good "More reliable than previous WISP."
Bad "Cost Network speeds. Too many add on fees."
Overall "I would be happier with a dry loop and low cost subscription rate"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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-2014-04-25 Update

I'm receiving upgrade promo mail from CentryLink, claiming up to 20Mbps speeds. Joey at TalkToUs@centurylink.com informs me those speeds are not available here, and there are no plans to fund or upgrade equipment to support them. Apparently the left hand does not know what the right hand is capable of at CenturyLink. LOL 5Mbps/512kbps is the best available here, for the foreseeable future. Which is why I lowered my "value for money" opinion.

I have had a few service interruptions over the past year. Some lasting more than a day. So I've lowered that review as well.

-2013-01-16 Update

My bill jumped over $15 this month due to an expired discount and unnecessary fees added for long distance service that I do not use or want. Actually, I don't want phone service at all.

A quick email exchange with Joey at TalkToUs@centurylink.com and everything is back to normal again. I highly recommend contacting Joey or this team if you have unresolved issues.

My desire for a simple, low cost, dry loop subscription still stands though.

--2011-08-11 Update-

Multiple outages the past few days. See line monitor. No notices or scheduled outage warnings. Have not seen subscription speed of 5Mb for months, but had been mostly reliable until recently.

--2011-02-07 Update--

Raising Tech Support rating since CenturyLink Joey helped me determine 10Mb was not possible on my line, without having to actually order it first. Joey also helped update my subscription plan to add some discounts to save ~$20/mo, at least for a while.

As many reviews and posts have already noted, CenturyLink reliability or speed has been poor for several months. So my reliability rating will remain low until that improves.

--2010-12-01 Update--

Lowering reliability rating due to degraded network speeds over several days.

I was on a wireless ISP prior to Embarq offering DSL to my home in 2008. I ordered 5Mb/768Kb DSL with phone. I would have ordered a dry loop DSL with non phone if it had been offered.

The order and install process only had one issue. The confirmation email had the wrong setup charge amount. So spent some time with support on that.

I believe the modem is a ZyXEL EQ0660R. I resolved some network port issues after I configured the modem to bridge mode. I am currently using LinkSys WRT54GL routers behind the DSL modem, running Tomato firmware.

So far, I've experienced two or three major outages, some running several days. I believe one was a cable cut which affected most of my area. So if you need protection from these kind of outages, plan on having 2nd backup service. But be sure the backup service isn't using CenturyTel too.

I do not use CenturyTel services, like web or email. So my services rating is intended to be neutral.

I'm comparing connection reliability to my previous WISP. I'm generally satisfied with reliability. But, when it fails, there needs to be status notices on the company web site or an opt in for outage/status notices via email or SMS.

I rated value for money as poor, because of the various fees and charges added for phone services. As noted, I would prefer a dry loop with no phone service. As far as I can tell, that is not available from CenturyTel. I would spend money on faster speed, rather than telephone service, if there were a choice. Interestingly, I'm paying for the 5Mb/768Kb package, but I have never seen better than 640Kb upload speed. 5Mb down is consistent in speedtest.net though. Like I said, I'd pay for 10Mb or better and a dry loop connection, if I could get it.

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