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Review by zevus See Profile

  • Location: Chandler,Henderson,TX
  • Cost: $54 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
  • Telco party CenturyTel
Good "Low price, generous with providing refunds for crap service"
Bad "Has a history of being unreliable during prime usage hours, we have moved to crap service now"
Overall "Dirt cheap, considering it primarily services rural areas. Maybe they should charge more and upgrade their infrastructure."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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02-06-12 - from around 10-05 til mid-jan, link was flaky, on and off thing. since mid-jan, it's always been crap in the evenings. lately it has also been crap during lunch hour and all day on sunday

Note the escalation of crap, February 2013:


10-05-12 - on approx. 9-15-12 link begin to experience same type of conditions as I saw during bandwidth exhaust from a few years prior. seemed a bit odd as it occurred all of a sudden, instead of gradually as before (one of their links went down?). as of 10-05, it's still ongoing. i've received a month free, but instead of waiting for a year like before, i'm downgrading my service from the $54/mo bonded to ~$20/mo nonbonded 10mbit/1mbit plan, starting approx. 3 weeks from now. if the line is fixed before then, i can cancel that downgrade, if it's not fixed by then, it's all ready to go. (will come back in a few days w/ smokeping image)

06-29-12 - still no problems. bandwidth not oversold, only one extended outage in the last 3 months (lasted about 12hrs) & low latency. (also changed price to bonded DSL price *includes modem rental)

03-27-12 - well, no bandwidth caps. still get the speeds I'm supposed to (25/2). one outage that lasted about 8 hrs, nothing else that lasted over 10 minutes. i'm starting to wonder how much longer this can last though. maybe til summer break?

01-14-12 - on bonded DSL now. regularly get within 95% of 25Mbps downstream and within 90% of 2Mbit upstream... no problems, really... well, except for the incoming bandwidth caps... I'll edit review then, hah

11-11-11, yeah, $23 per month for 10Mbps/896kbps

11-13-11, there was a ~2hr outage a few days ago that seems to have fixed the bandwidth exhaust issue in the area. i've updated ratings accordingly... if it stays like this another month, i'll bump the reliability up to 5

11-15-11, getting 25Mbps installed next Tuesday, 11-22, lol. might as well get it while the getting is good. be oversold again in 6 months.

Here are the conditions that caused me to cancel in January, 2011:


At that point, they were stating that there wasn't going to be a fix until April, so I terminated the service.

Had it reinstalled on 6-27 (yeah, they sold me the 10mbit, 896kbps package, even w/ the ongoing bandwidth exhaust). I got a steady 32-34ms ping to first hop, next to no jitter.... but when trying to transfer over 100k/s or so, start getting tons of packetloss + extremely high latency. It's a bit different from before, where you'd even get the 500ms+ to first hop @ prime time.

8/7 update:

Typical performance during prime-time hours:

» ··· 1075.png

Seems to be getting a bit worse with each passing week (used to start improving at 11PM, now it's midnight, etc.)

The one good thing is that it's still not like it was in late '10, where you'd have 500ms latency w/ just a ping running. Gaming is possible as long as the game you're playing doesn't transfer more than ~75k/s.

Just a few days ago they also changed something & I get 17-18ms ping times to my first hop now, instead of the 32-34 like before.

Oh, I was also told that this problem would be fixed in late July (maybe it was July 23rd or something) when I called them the day after installing (6-28). I called again today and was told by the tech support person that the ETA for fix was still listed as July.

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HVAC Company

Do Not Use!

HORRIBLE, never ever call them for anything. They called up saying they could save our company money with their phone service, they came out hooked up to their service and then the problems began. Two out of our six phone lines would randomly drop calls and were constantly static so we could not talk to customers. After months of this we finally called Comcast and dropped century link. Comcast has been great and less expensive. Century link then charged us a $2,500 termination fee for breaking our "contract".

Now if there is a contract I understand its my fault if I cancel, we never signed anything with them and they said they are unable to provide acceptance of their terms. We disputed the charges requesting to see a contract or agreement which they said they did not have with us but they are still charging a $2,500 termination fee. After we disputed it a person called back to "read us a statement word for word from her executive team". She had no authority beyond reading us a letter and said I was not accepting that. She said I was "not allowed" to even speak with the "executive team" that wrote the statement and thats it.



Re: Do Not Use!

Well if you took time to read the contract then at the very first place you should have been aware of it the problem is you just sign a contract without even bothering to review it's terms and agreements and the boundaries of your service providers as well


Re: Do Not Use!

All double talk for (Screw the customer, our investors demand 10%.
I hope one day I find you needing something...