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Six Month Rating

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Review by COJones See Profile

  • Location: Elma,Grays Harbor,WA
  • Cost: $54 per month
  • Telco party CenturyTel
Good "Don't assume anything."
Bad "Just another phone company that thinks more highly of itself than its customers."
Overall "Special Offers AREN'T Necessarily Special"
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It's my third year with CenturyLink and I've got standard phone service and 1.5M DSL (broadband) with them. They call me up telling me they have a one year deal for me. If I'm willing to change my phone line to "broadband only" number and use my cell phone for calls then they'll cut my monthly bill from (as it turns out) $68.08 to $33.93 for 12 months because I'm "such a valued customer". I figured something didn't smell right, but thought that saving over $400 for the year sounded good so I said yes.

Twelve months later my bill becomes $53.93 and my service is still "broadband only". For some reason I figured it'd revert back to what it was before. Bzzzt! Wrong answer. Turns out that the price I was previously paying for the phone/DSL combo no longer exists. To get my previous coverage would cost me ~$75 a month AND you can't order DSL by itself. So I'll stay with what I've got.

After I'd agreed to this deal, I happened to log onto my CenturyLink account and saw that the "broadband only" phone number was shown there. I found out that I still couldn't call out, except for 911, but anyone could call IN on that number which sort of reduced the pain.

Afterwards I was so fried-off about this whole deception that I thought about going to HughesNet since the price would be fairly close. But after reading reviews about the company on seven different sites, I think I'd go back to dial-up before HughesNet ever got my business. I can't believe no one has filed a class-action lawsuit against them.

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