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  • Location: Enumclaw,King,WA
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
  • Telco party Qwest
Good "Works great between 2am and 6am"
Bad "Doesn't work great between 6am and 2am, i.e: when I'm awake"
Overall "Only use if you no (ZERO) other options."
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Have 1.5 Mbps / 896 KBps DSL.

The DSLAM is fed by 8 x T1 lines, serving about 100 homes.

3 of the T1s are out and have been for weeks or months.

I do not know how many of these are used for data. But I have been told that they oversell each data T1 line to 8 homes, used to be 7, CL increased the over sell ratio.

5 x T1, 5 x 1.544 Mbps, used for 64 homes. No wonder I get this speed test result during the time when people will be using their connections.

Last Result at CL speed test
Download Speed: 0.406 Mbps (0.1 MB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 0.729 Mbps (0.1 MB/sec transfer rate)
The closest server located in Seattle, WA performed this test with a latency of 34 milliseconds.
Test Date: Thursday, September 15, 2011 9:20:36 PM

Using a Zyxel PK5000Z.

Modem Status: 15th Sept 2011
Downstream rate: 1536 Kbps
Upstream Rate: 896 Kbps
Firmware Version: QZP002-
Broadband Mode Setting: Multimode
Broadband Mode Detected: G.DMT
Estimated Loop Length: 7756 feet
Channel Type: Fastpath
Levels Downstream Upstream
SNR: 31 dB 13 dB
Attenuation: 31 dB 19 dB
Power: 11 dBm 12 dBm

CL talktous email does not reply to questions about if it will be fixed (not when), just an IF. I get no response.

Most nights we get 0.2 or 0.3 Mbps, increases the latency too.

Still terrible, the talktous email ignore any questions like "Is the DSLAM oversold?" or "Can you give an address of someone I can write to that deal with the internet being very slow between 8am and mindight?" .... They do not respond. Terrible.

Have filed a complaint with the Washington AG office, not that I expect anything from that. But please, can other file complaints too?

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