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Review by kiknwing See Profile

  • Location: Roy,Weber,UT
  • Cost: $55 per month
Good "VDSL2 is great"
Bad "They fix one problem, another one is waiting to take its place"
Overall "My area was upgraded to VDSL, Life is good."
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Currently in a qwest territory and subscribe to 12/5mbps

My area has just been upgraded to vdsl2. Congestion is now gone and the service is great.

Congestion is back at my local terminal. Drops from 10.3mbps to 6.7mbps during the prime hours of 7-11pm. I was told that the network engineers are currently monitoring the problem but no plans on fixing it. I guess it will have to get down to 0.5mbps before they figure that its time to do something about it. Now I'm just waiting for it to get worse.


I finally found someone who knew what my problem was and how to fix it. It may have taken almost a year (~10 months) but at least my latency is no longer over 2000ms. I would like to thank whoever on the centurylinkhelp team put me in touch with someone that knew what they were doing.

Previous entry-

I will start this review with the part true / part opinion statement: This company refuses to upgrade their network. It has been over a year since my DSLAM has been upgraded to fiber yet I still have ADSL2 when a local tech told me that it should be upgraded to VDSL in about a year. It's been a year but nothing has happened and nothing is planned to happen. 2 blocks away they get VDSL, yet nothing for my area, and don't give me this bs that I live to far away from the dslam, 600ft is not that far.

This company has the worst technical support group I have ever had to deal with. They blame the problem is caused by you and won't do anything about it. I you do buy internet from these clowns, be prepared for congested internet a few times a year. Don't bother bringing up a traceroute, they don't even know what a traceroute is. So I have learned to deal with a spiking latency problem. You can give them all the evidence they need to see that the problem is with their network between the DSLAM and the central office, they will still find some excuse that it is your computers problem.

I thought I would have said this but, Qwest was better then these people. The only good thing is that the local techs know what they are doing.

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