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Review by kiknwing See Profile

  • Location: Roy,Weber,UT
  • Cost: $55 per month
Good "VDSL2 is great"
Bad "They fix one problem, another one is waiting to take its place"
Overall "My area was upgraded to VDSL, Life is good."
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Currently in a qwest territory and subscribe to 12/5mbps

My area has just been upgraded to vdsl2. Congestion is now gone and the service is great.

Congestion is back at my local terminal. Drops from 10.3mbps to 6.7mbps during the prime hours of 7-11pm. I was told that the network engineers are currently monitoring the problem but no plans on fixing it. I guess it will have to get down to 0.5mbps before they figure that its time to do something about it. Now I'm just waiting for it to get worse.


I finally found someone who knew what my problem was and how to fix it. It may have taken almost a year (~10 months) but at least my latency is no longer over 2000ms. I would like to thank whoever on the centurylinkhelp team put me in touch with someone that knew what they were doing.

Previous entry-

I will start this review with the part true / part opinion statement: This company refuses to upgrade their network. It has been over a year since my DSLAM has been upgraded to fiber yet I still have ADSL2 when a local tech told me that it should be upgraded to VDSL in about a year. It's been a year but nothing has happened and nothing is planned to happen. 2 blocks away they get VDSL, yet nothing for my area, and don't give me this bs that I live to far away from the dslam, 600ft is not that far.

This company has the worst technical support group I have ever had to deal with. They blame the problem is caused by you and won't do anything about it. I you do buy internet from these clowns, be prepared for congested internet a few times a year. Don't bother bringing up a traceroute, they don't even know what a traceroute is. So I have learned to deal with a spiking latency problem. You can give them all the evidence they need to see that the problem is with their network between the DSLAM and the central office, they will still find some excuse that it is your computers problem.

I thought I would have said this but, Qwest was better then these people. The only good thing is that the local techs know what they are doing.

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updated 2.2 years ago

Boise, ID

Can we help?

Hi kiknwing,

This is Joey with CenturyLink. We're sorry to read about the trouble you've had with our service. We'll gladly help look into the issues you're experiencing. All we ask is that you email us with your name, account information and any other helpful details. Our email is TalkToUs@CenturyLink.com. Once received someone will look into things for you. Thanks.

Joey H
Manager, @CenturyLinkHelp Team

New Plymouth, ID

Re: Can we help?

ya i have seen your idea of help it what way over sold your bandwith over your entire network and as for your consumer service move back to the usa not over in India

Roy, UT
Joey, I'm currently working on a project that will turn this inconsistent problem into a predictable problem. When I start to get some solid times, I will email a repair manager in Boise and try one more time to get this fixed. Right now it looks like 12:18pm is looking like a promising time, I just want to test it for a couple of days to make sure that it works (or I should say my connection doesn't work).

Roy, UT

Re: Can we help?

This is what it looks like at 12:18pm

Traceroute result taken from Q1000 (Not computer)
1 1094.23ms 1357.21ms N/A N/A
2 2072.61ms 2102.8ms 2133.2ms
3 2181.61ms 2211.46ms 2232.29ms
4 2285.28ms 2320.38ms 2316.59ms
5 2396.63ms 2410.51ms 2468.06ms
6 1436.96ms 42.832ms 42.758ms
7 43.686ms 42.916ms 51.016ms
8 43.236ms 43.62ms 42.555ms

West Jordan, UT

Worst customer service...ever

So I recently discovered I could save enough money each month by dropping my land-line service and have enough extra to upgrade to fiber optic speed. Sounds great right? Hey century link, I actually want to make my bill more efficient and pay you more money. How could this possibly go sour? Well due to Century Link's "Friendly Customer Service" I was told and I quote "Sir, their ISN'T anything we can do! You canceled your home phone and went with Vonage as a result your internet service was shut off....(After some more circle talk and being on hold for an hour) Its your own damn fault for switching to that damn company." End quote. So now not only do I not have internet service which I was promised would be resolved 2 weeks after the initial problem, but now I have no 911, or any home phone service as Vonage uses VOIP. And after all this, as I sit on a friend's computer to submit as much anti Century Link reviews as possible, They have the gall to send me a bill for this months service with the attachment of "URGENT" "As you have canceled your service you must pay this bill immediately" I would rate Century Link's customer disservice managers as "childish" and their service as hellish. If your fortunate enough to have an affordable choice other than Century Link in your area, please save your self many headaches...



Worst Service

I still cant belive they keep saying they are working on fixing it. Yet its been 11 months now. they are the only ISP in my area I have called all other ISP and they say they can not service or may never service my area do to some reasons. I WANT THEM TO FIX THIS !@!!!!!!!!!!!

Troy Mcclure

Seattle, WA

Re: Worst Service

That is why they can take their time, no competition.

They have been working on 'it' in my area for over 4 years. What ever 'it' is I do not know. All I know the service is terrible.



Invest money to make money

I'm am trying to post this under the guy in Roy cause I live really close to this person ( South Ogden ). If CL would invest money into running fiber optics to this area I would pay alot for the service, Qwest/CL is the provider for the IRS here in Ogden and I'm an IT Specialist for the IRS. CL has spent alot of money running fiber to the IRS buildings here in Ogden which I'll say almost never goes down. But on the other side of town where I live there is nothing but the old 1.5mb service so I'm forced to have the competitors service where I get 50mb and down to 40mb during prime time.

Great, but the one thing I love about CL/Qwest is the ping. There is about a 40ms-50ms difference between cable and dsl. 1.5mb DSL would be like 56k now days. I would bet that alot of people in this area would pay more for the fiber DSL vs cable in a heart beat, even though reports show Utah as 43rd in the country for internet speeds and desire cause of the people that live here are reported to not "care" about internet as much as other people in the country.

Please Bell/Qwest/CL run the lines in Ogden, it will double your investment. For 40mb fiber line, I'd pay $150-$200 a month for it and would sign a contract for more than 2 years = ($4,800) - 2 years.

I had both DSL and cable around the year 2001 when both was 1.5mb and DSL is still 1.5mb and cable has gone to 50mb-100mb. I think that saids it all, most of the network running in this town is the same old stuff that has been running for a decade. I herd if I was to pay $3000 to have the fiber ran to my house they would install that for me. Is that true? If so sign me up.

Roy, UT

Re: Invest money to make money

If it makes you feel any better, sunset is being upgraded from 40/20 to 100/50. And we all know how big of a city sunset is.



Re: Invest money to make money

no that hurts, ouch. But at least if it's North and South of me then it's getting closer, To be honest, that is good news, that means they are actually doing upgrades in this area. Good, I could wait longer, I really really was this company to succeed. The internet at the IRS here in Ogden since they put in fiber is so good, reliable and the ping is awesome, from Ogden to New York it's like 60ms, I remote into peoples computers all accross the country and this connection is the best. I try it at home with comcast and the ping is like 130ms to the same things.