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Review by toddy71 See Profile

  • Location: Elizabeth,Elbert,CO
  • Cost: $30 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 9 days
Good "Finally offering more than 1.5mbps in my neighborhood"
Bad "Nothing too bad so far"
Overall "Consistently fast connection at advertised speed"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
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Initial Review: 9/29/2011

I had an ongoing fight with Skybeam over their 5mbps wireless internet service for awhile. I was struck with lightning in July and the service was never the same. Many dropouts, speeds never were 5mbps (more like 1.5mpbs). CenturyLink only offered 1.5mbps DSL in my neighborhood for a long time (and was Qwest until recently). It wasn't worth it for me to change over if I was just going to be getting the same speeds, but reliability would be better, so that would be a plus.

When I finally had it with Skybeam I went to order the 1.5mbps Pure Broadband (no phone) from CenturyLink on their website and suddenly noticed my address was also allowed 7mbps and 12mbps connections! Could it be true? I read a lot of reviews here about asking for the high end service and only being able to get a lower level service, but I went for the 12mbps connection anyway. I figured I could do the self-install, and lease the modem. Strange thing is on the website the leased modem was $6.95/month if you had it installed, and $4.95/month if you self-installed. Okay, I'll save $2 a month. I figure that's a website glitch. The 12mbps Pure Broadband was on special for $29.99 for 6 months then would go to the regular rate ($55/month) after that with a 12 month contract. To me, it was worth the year of leasing the modem to see what DSL was all about instead of purchasing the wrong modem.

I promptly received emails from CenturyLink (with lots of links to urls) giving me my order number, account number, account login info, etc. What's strange about the Pure Broadband plan is that it doesn't have the phone line, which is how your account number is made up. The phone number assigned to my account was a number very close to the CO. Whenever I tried to login, it would take me to a finish profile page, but wouldn't let me finish the profile, so I couldn't really log in. It also said a phone number would be assigned upon completion of the order. I kept trying anyway, without success.

The day before my install I was nervous because I still hadn't received my modem. I found information on the CenturyLink site stating that it would arrive via UPS the day before or day of installation, so then I wasn't so worried, but wanted the modem since I was excited for my new super fast service. Lo and behold that evening, a late UPS knock at the door had my welcome packet, with modem. I had the Zyxel PK5000Z in my packet, along with 2 phone filters, the connection cable, a patch cable, and the power pack.

The day of install, 9 days after order, I got a call about 10am from a number I didn't recognize, so I didn't pick up. A voice mail was left, and it was the CenturyLink tech telling me he was hooking up the connection and if I had any questions, I could call him back. Wow, that was unexpected!

I raced home an hour later to hook up the connection, even though all the literature states, don't try until 5pm the day of your install! I followed all the instructions to the letter for hooking up with my laptop. Got the steady power light on the modem, then the wait for the DSL light to go steady...sure enough it did. The internet light was red. I wasn't sure if I would be able to use the connection quite yet. Alas, I continued on in the instructions and hooked up my laptop via patch cable and opened a browser and was sent to the welcome and install screen for CenturyLink DSL.

I went through the install which took about 10 minutes and suddenly my internet light turned to green! I was online! It was about 12 noon. I noticed speeds seemed sluggish, not the 12mbps I was hoping for. I ran some speed tests and came up with 2mbps and 0.5kbps up. Ack! I had some other things to do that day and I wouldn't arrive home until late, so I figured I would deal with it the next day, Saturday and call tech support.

Arriving home late I checked in on the connection and hello...the modem status screen said I had a 12mbps/896kbps connection. Running speed tests at various locations (,, and here on I was getting anywhere from 9.5mbps-10.5mbps down and about 750kbps up. I find this perfectly acceptable as it says on the agreements that 15% of the bandwidth will not be usable, so that brings the connection to a real speed of 10.5mbps/750kbps which I was getting! Oh YAY!

Now the real test was at prime time, 6pm-10pm on a weeknight. I've been checking it out this weekend, and yes, the speeds are a bit slower at prime time, maybe as low as 6.5mbps sometimes, but on the graphs, I can see constant bursts up to 9.5mbps. I haven't noticed any issues streaming high quality video on Hulu. Downloads are really fast and consistent now.

Funny, last night in the mail I got a 'CenturyLink now offers fast DSL speeds in your neighborhood!' I wonder if that's because I got the ball rolling in my neighborhood by being the first to order the high-speed as I know at least 2 other neighbors that have 1.5 DSL connections. Hopefully if they upgrade mine won't get slower.

So far I've been really happy! My loop is around 4700' for an ADSL2+ connection. I have put in no review for Tech Support since I haven't used that yet. I will constantly come back and review.

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