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Six Month Rating

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Review by crazydog See Profile

  • Location: Flagstaff,Coconino,AZ
  • Cost: $35 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Consistently fast vDSL2 (40/20), consistent pings"
Bad "Expensive modem shipping, setup fees"
Overall "Fantastic service"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I'm so glad I decided to call Centurylink when they sent an ad asking me to come back.

When I moved into my apartment, we tried out Qwest, since it was so cheap, but the fastest speed they offered was 7/768. Our actual speeds were rarely half that.

We then dumped them for Cable. The old cable company charged $63.95/mo for a 10/1 connection. It was more consistently faster than Qwest, so we stayed on that. A couple months later the new cable company upped our speed to 15/1.5, which was fantastic, and worked well.

Last month, I called CenturyLink to see what speeds were available, since they kept advertising "speeds up to 40mbps". Lo and behold, their 40/20 service WAS available at my address. After talking with my roommates, I ordered it two days later, and it was set up just 5 days after that, the day after Christmas. The modem showed up even sooner.

After setting it up, my hopes were high, and they should have been. My first speed test got me just under 40 megabits down. Wow. The upload speed only hit 10 megabits (just about to contact Centurylink about this issue). Since then, the speeds have been consistently fast, all day, and according to my Monitor running via DSLreports, my pings have been SO much more consistent than on cable.

Considering for 6 months it's only $29.99/mo + $5.95/mo for the modem, and then only around $70/mo after that, I don't know WHY anyone would stick with their $63.95/mo 15/1.5 cable internet that gets so slow in the evenings, during peak usage.

The setup fee of ~$36 and the modem shipping of about $15 was a little steep, but the first bill was barely above what we were paying monthly for cable internet, so it was not a hard hit to take.

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