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Review by vvv00 See Profile

  • Location: Denver,Denver,CO
  • Cost: $45 per month
Good "online internet info is better than Qwest's was, tech support rep is usually on my side"
Bad "should be less expensive, and tech reps are polite but not always sharp"
Overall "okay for now"
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Three years ago the cost of a local ISP, plus Qwest's monthly connection fee, became too high ($45 plus $28 I think), so I switched to Qwest alone. I believe the original rate was $60 a month for 1.5/896, but discounts for bundling ($5 a month) and a promotion ($10 a month) bring it down to $45. I had to insist on the promotion rate when my bill went up one month some time ago. These days I should think that 1.5 would be dirt cheap but the bill remains as it has been since then. I own a wireless router I bought some four years ago and am satisfied with my D-Link DSL-2460B. I don't know what router leasing or purchasing prices are, but I'll bet it comes out nice for CenturyLink over time.

CenturyLink (abbreviated CtL in some urls) service is okay but I had to work a little to get what I'm paying for after the sale of Qwest to CtL. The download rate in November was around 1.1-1.2Mbps but recently something changed and it sagged to around 0.825-0.925Mbps according to various tests, and the router's own rate numbers. A few hours after trying ctlhelp.com's tutorials, and a more effective phone conversation during which my "service was updated," download is back to 1.2Mbps, and upload went up too. The technical support rep said it should be around 1.4, which agrees with the router's rate numbers. However I must caution the reader that at one moment I had to point out that my router said its download rate was 1024Kbps, which isn't good enough, but the rep said 1.2M is an acceptable rate. It sounded like he confused 1.2Mbps with 1.02Mbps, and I corrected the oversight. It seems that the bigger the ISP, the more I find myself repeating or explaining to the tech reps what's going on and what I want (based on some experiences with Earthlink as well).

(I have info from the router's manufacturer about how to reset it with the intent of getting the rates up even more, which is next….)

If I saw something better than this arrangement, I'd take it.

Update: According to BigVe's point, 80-85% of 1440Kbps is 1152-1224Kbps, and speed test results at various web sites has been around that range.

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