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Review by Tweak3d See Profile

  • Location: Bennington,Switzerland,IN
  • Cost: $65 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
  • Telco party CenturyTel
Good "I will get back to you on this one."
Bad "speed, ping, support, price, monopoly, lie, cheat, steal."
Overall "Would rather have a sex change operation by a sawzall."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update 11-10-2014:
Moved from Centurylink monopoly area and disconnected service. They were going to charge me an E.T.F. but I quickly pointed out that I notified them of my moving before "the contract" was put into effect. I also pointed that they had no legal ground to stand on cause they could not provide me with anything concrete that would hold up in court (No signature, no verbal authorization plus they do not offer service where I now live). I kept asking for supervisors and on the 3rd supervisor...problem solved, No E.T.F.
Ok for the super bad...3meg down. = about $65. Now, I am on Charter cable...60meg down for $40.
Get with the program DSL companies, your internet access is not worth all that.

Update 4-15-2013:
Well my connection has improved. AND IT ONLY TOOK SLIGHTLY OVER 2 YEARS! It is still unsatisfactory at high usage times with ping rates too high for gaming. The download consistency is much better but still not steady. They dropped my service from 3.0 down to 1.5 down. They also dropped the price though.

HOWEVER: I would never recommend this service provider to anyone. Heck, I went back to mailing letters and chatting with people face to face instead of using IMs.

If you have another choice... weigh the options!

Update 8-16-2012:
Latest word: Still no definite date for finishing the fiber upgrade. Hopefully the BBB can help me out. I hope everyone will call the BBB and lodge complaints against a company that continually delivers a sub-standard product and expects to be paid for it. Kinda like bouncing a check... theft by deception.

Update 8-9-2012:
Still Crap. 23 months I have been dealing with issues related to this ISP. That is just absurd. Finally filed a complaint with BBB. Honestly I would rather have my genitals smashed with a hammer repeatedly than deal with the jokers at Century link one more time.

Update 6-18-2012:
The fiber has been in the ground for months, but the equipment was delayed. I was told that there would be a difference in the next 4 to 6 weeks.
I already notice that my speed is normal (3.0M) for 3 sec and then almost 0 kbps for 12 sec during peak hours. That is up from less than 1 meg on same time frame.
Latency still is a big issue with me because I play World of Tanks game online.

In my anger I refused to pay them full price for the service. But I felt a little guilty so I worked it out to where I only paid $25 a month for disappointing service, but meh, it'll get better.

But I am here to say, through ALL of the trouble, I did get some good tech people and some idiots. I talked to some good people in billing and some complete jackasses (your supervisor please!), but when I think about it, the hundred phone calls were quite fun. Start talking TCP forced idle time, route consistency, and they get confused and say, "We don't support ping. We only support speed." Which they could not support either.

But soon they might be able to. I will update in 4-6 weeks. (When the upgrade is supposed to be done.)

Thanks for the update Trent P. That is what I want from with companies that I deal with, to be inside the loop on a resolution to my specific problem. Not a specific date, just a window of hope.

Original Post:
I have had this service for over 2 years. Problem after problem. NID, DSLAM, Line problems up the street, bandwidth exhaust, uneducated tech support (50/50) I did get some good ones occasionally.
I documented every problem, call, and payment, when it come time to get a credit, I have never had an issue. (Only paid 24.99 so far in 2012, and that was for Dec 2011)
I refuse to pay for internet that is sub-standard and this is by far sub standard.
3meg down, during peak hours... .2 meg down or about 1/15th my provisioned speed and pings as high as 999ms. Terrible for gaming.

The problem keeps getting worse.

They promise it will be all better once fiber is installed in a few weeks.
I hope so, but after reading so much bad about CL, I am not so sure now. *sigh*

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Cardington, OH


I recently went through the same problems as the reviewer. After about 2 years, 100+ (literally) calls, 4-5 field tech visits to the home, 5 modems and countless hard resets/power cycles performed, they finally effing fixed it. Just be patient, nag the fuck out of them and hope for the best. If that doesn't work and there's no other ISP in your area.....move or live with it. Those are literally your only options .

Apache Junction, AZ

Fiber should work great.

I don't understand how they could put in fiber and not have it work well. I could never get any sort of internet service at my house before except dial up and the old phone lines were too long for DSL until a new fiber network was put in. It goes down the main street only about 100 yds. from my house so I was able to get it installed here. I though all they would have to do was connect my phone line and there were 2 old lines coming to the house but they didn't go to anything and appeared to have been cut and used for something else in the past so they ran a new line from the house all the way down the alley to the new network and it works great! I signed up for the 20Mb service and it consistently measures 18Mb or so and is rock solid so I'm very pleased with it. There was an outage once when a thunderstorm had lightning that damaged the line coming in and I had to replace the entire cable from the junction box outside all the way in to the box on the wall and even the cord going from the box to the modem but otherwise I haven't really had any problems.